Trump is Trying to Claim He Fired CEO's Who Clearly Quit and the Internet is Exploding with LOLs

Trump is Trying to Claim He Fired CEO’s Who Clearly Quit and the Internet is Exploding with LOLs

After Reports Of CEOs Dumping Trump Emerge, He Claims He’s Disbanding Them To Avoid Embarrassment

The widespread disgust over the response by Republican Donald Trump to the Charlottesville domestic terror attack has been deafening. And if the initial response wasn’t bad enough for the president, things have gotten worse since he doubled-down on his willingness to disgracefully equate the opposing sides from the tragedy. The backlash has now sent entire teams of business people working with the administration running for the hills.

It was reported on Monday that some CEOs from the president’s American Manufacturing Council were stepping down from the group after Trump’s weak response to the attack by a white supremacist on Saturday. Trump promptly attacked one of those CEOs on Twitter. The target of his attack happened to be the only African-American CEO who quit that day. A wave of other resignations followed after his double-down.

As the exodus continued, it became apparent the council would not survive. Reports began to emerge early this afternoon the council would be disbanding as the CEOs no longer wanted their companies associated with the Trump administration.

With this clear abandonment, Donald Trump handled the situation as maturely and as professionally as we would expect. He took to Twitter yesterday and said he had plenty of people ready to replace the CEOs walking away. After that was clearly failing, he took to Twitter again and essentially fired the Manufacturing Council and Strategy and Policy Forum before they could officially disband and quit on him. In other words, he pulled the TV sitcom clichéd move of trying to fire someone who already announced their intention to quit.

You don’t always get to see an old man throw a childlike tantrum, but there you go.

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It’s not hard to see just how absurd this response from Donald Trump is considering the situation. And the reality of it all was not lost on Twitter. The responses were as brutal as you would expect. Even a few celebrities weighed in.

It’s no surprise business leaders don’t want their names associated with the Republican president who is so unwilling to distance himself from white supremacists. Donald Trump continues to do things that make more and more people run away from him as fast as possible. The question remains: what does he have to do to actually lose his base? Maybe his shooting someone in the street statement during the campaign wasn’t as crazy as it seemed.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

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