Watch John Oliver Call 'Turbo Bullshit' on Trump's Comey Excuse & Spineless GOP Caucus

Watch John Oliver Call ‘Turbo Bullshit’ on Trump’s Comey Excuse & Spineless GOP Caucus

John Oliver ripped Donald Trump apart with delicious humor over his firing of FBI Director James Comey and the disturbing and seemingly threatening tweets that hinted at the release of secret recordings between the president and Comey.

Oliver has Trump’s number

Right away the Last Week Tonight host pointed out that Republicans are guilty of not intervening and not holding Trump to the constitutional powers that allow Congress to put a stop to his alarming behavior.

“At the very, very least they need to acknowledge what has happened is f*cked up, and not continue to give non-answers like the one Paul Ryan did when asked about Trump’s tape-recording threat,” Oliver said, and then proceeded to show a clip of House Speaker Ryan sheepishly avoiding a reporter’s question about Trump’s ominous tweets. 

Those checks and balances are there for a reason, he added.

“The Founding Fathers created a system of checks and balances to limit the power of the president, but it only works if someone f*cking checks or balances,” he snapped.

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Olliver also noted Trump’s recent interview with NBC’s Lester Holt. The president’s desperation was palpable here, and Trump, once again managed to undermine his communications team that had leapt into damage control mode after Trump’s ill-considered tweet.

“Think about what happened there,” he said, after showing a clip of the interview. “Trump is so desperate to seem dominant he will rush to take credit for anything no matter how bad it is.”

Oliver had a good laugh over how easy it would be for a prosecutor to pin a murder on Trump, because all the prosecutor would have to say is “Your honor, there’s no way it could have been Mr. Trump. The killer had to have been much stronger and smarter with a much hotter daughter.” Trump, he said, would immediately holler he did it.

And right then, Trump confessed that yes, he did fire Comey for the Russia investigation.

“What are you doing?” Oliver said, an incredulous look washing over his face. “‘I was thinking of the Russia investigation when I fired Comey’ is the one thing that you are not supposed to say out loud. It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to ask three questions: One, can he really be this stupid? Two, does he really think that we as a country are this stupid? Three, are we as a country really this stupid?”

Then he dissected Trump’s claim that Comey told him he wasn’t under investigation.

“I call bullsh*t. I call turbo bullsh*t on that,” Oliver said. “There is no way that those conversations went down in that matter.”

And on the memo written to fire Comey, Oliver couldn’t resist joking about Trump’s peculiar signature, noting that it looked like a hamster on meth had written it.

Regarding Trump’s ominous tweet warning Comey not to leak anything because of those secret recordings, Oliver said he hopes they remain secret. He said he has no desire to listen to them, saying he assumes they will be endless repetitions of Trump saying “I never wanted any of this.”

Many of us didn’t want any of this either.

Here’s the hilarious video of Oliver’s Trump takedown.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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