Poll Shows Record Number Of Americans Support Legal Marijuana

HIGHEST EVER: Record Number Of Americans Support Legal Marijuana

More and More Americans Are Uniting Behind the Legalization of Marijuana

This is the day that pot loving Americans celebrate the the 20th day of the 4th month of the year: 4/20. The number 4/20 has been adopted as a code word for smoking pot, for some reason that know one actually seems to know. And it is on this day that it has been revealed that more Americans than ever want marijuana legalized.

The findings of a CBS News poll show that 61 percent of Americans want weed made legal. That’s a 5 point jump from last year, and the highest level yet. Get it…highest le….never mind.

As The Hill points out, In states where weed is already legalized, 71 percent of those polled said they wanted the federal government, who still hasn’t lifted it’s restrictions, to butt out and let those states do their thing without interference.

Pot is also looked at as a relatively safe drug compared to others out there according to 65 percent of poll participants. And, half of the population has used the drug at least once. Americans do seem to love their weed.

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Heck, even politicians are being more open and admitting that they’ve tried it. It appears to be coming less taboo. It wasn’t that long ago that politicians would do anything and everything they could to deny touching the stuff. Not so much anymore.

Democratic congressman Earl Blumenauer is an advocate of legalization and has proclaimed that “marijuana has gone mainstream,” according to Fortune.  He has committed to altering federal laws regarding legalization.

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Blumenauer has seen the benefits of legalization in his own state of Oregon. Last year, the state took in $60 million in tax revenue last year. And across the US, it is estimated that $6.7 billion went into government coffers in states where pot can be obtained and smoked legally. And, there are some who expect bigger and better things, with experts saying that legal pot could generate $50 billion a year within the next ten years.

It’s clear that, from a state revenue standpoint, the stakes are (ahem) HIGH!

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