Black Baby Dolls Reveal Children's Feelings About Race

Two Little White Girls Get Black Baby Dolls For Christmas: Their Reaction Saddens Me (VIDEOS)

What do you do when “Uncle Seth and Aunt Cynthia” send your white twin girls black baby dolls for Christmas in hope that they won’t grow up to be racists like you? You give those meddling, multi-culti libtards their comeuppance, that’s what.

Actually, I don’t know why these parents took a video with their twin girls — who appear to be around age six — reacting to the black baby dolls they received as gifts. And I don’t know who posted it to YouTube on Dec. 30th. All I know is that someone from Atlanta Black Star found it and called the girls’ reaction “shocking”…Though given the rampant racism exposed on a daily basis by the Black Lives Matter movement and leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, I doubt many of us are “shocked.”

The video, of course, shows the girls’ negative reactions upon opening seeing the black baby dolls. One tries to be polite, but when asked, “do you like it?” can only muster a grimly intoned “mmmm-hmm.” Meanwhile, the less restrained sister plops herself down on the floor and starts wailing in despair.

But before you think badly of these children, remember that they can’t help it: They reacted to the black baby dolls the way they did because of things they’ve learned from their parents…Who further abused them by capturing them on video and inviting others to laugh at their reactions.

As one YouTube commenter, Maxelite Njiru, puts in a nutshell:

Why would a parent give her child black dolls without explaining the beauty of equality in terms of races?

Here’s the video with the young girls reacting to the black baby dolls they received as Christmas gifts:

The Black Baby doll video has barely been up for a day (at the time of this writing) and already has 376,000 views. And judging from the appalled reaction on a comments thread in Reddit’s /r/BlackLadies , I’m not the only one who thinks these poor girls were totally set up. KevlarSweethart exclaims:

This is kind of gross.

I feel like the parents knew what they were doing and filmed their reaction as a joke because “lawlz, racism is soooo funny!!” And exploiting their kids (showing their faces as well) is also sick. Why even post this video?

ThaFuckYouSaid adds:

Yeah this is definitely seems the parents imposing their thoughts on color into their girls which is really sad. This is meant to be “funny” and it’s not.

The sad truth: Even black children think black baby dolls are ugly.

But here’s the disturbing thing…Black children often think black baby dolls are ugly too. While testifying for Brown vs. the Board of Education, the groundbreaking school integration case, Doctors Kenneth and Mamie Clark revealed the results of their pioneering “Doll Tests” research. Children were shown black and white dolls, and the vast majority of them preferred the white dolls over the black dolls. Not only that, they had strong positive feelings about the white dolls and strong negative feelings about the black ones

The NAACP Legal and Defense and Educational Fund (NAACP LDF) summarizes the historic study these psychologists designed and implemented to reveal the effects of racism and segregation on children’s beliefs on race and on black children’s self-esteem.

Dr. Clark used four dolls, identical except for color, to test children’s racial perceptions. Their subjects, children between the ages of three to seven, were asked to identify both the race of the dolls and which color doll they prefer. A majority of the children preferred the white doll and assigned positive characteristics to it. The Clarks concluded that “prejudice, discrimination, and segregation” created a feeling of inferiority among African-American children and damaged their self-esteem. 

In 2008, 15 out of 21 children still preferred the white baby doll over the black baby doll.

“Oh, but that was way back in the 1940’s,” you may be thinking. “Things are different now.” Sorry, but no. An MSNBC documentary from 2008 shows footage from a study that sadly reveals that children’s attitudes towards black baby dolls have barely changed at all. 15 out of 21 children preferred the white doll. One black child even declares the black doll is ugly because “he’s black.”

Tamara Horn, a writer and community facilitator, sees encouraging children of all races to play with dolls of different colors can lay an “early foundation” for equality. While writing about her fond memories as a young girl playing with her black and white Barbie dolls in The Root, she explains:

When Barbie and Christie [a doll who was black [like Tamara Horn] went joyriding, it was all fun and games, but it also laid an early foundation for my belief in equality among women of all colors. I want more kids to get this message early on.

While she sees multiracial dolls as especially important for children of color, who deserve opportunities to play with dolls that look more like themselves, Tamara Horn wishes more white girls were given black dolls to play with.

…maybe if white women had an early basis for seeing black women as equals, they’d be more inclined to stand with us as sisters and support us. 

H/T Atlanta Black Star. | Photo: cc 2005 Beatriz Andrade.

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