Race Isn't Real - Only Racism Is

Race Isn’t Real – Only Racism Is

If money is the root of all evil, then that money is in the form of a coin, and on that coin racism is the flip-side of greed. Greed, after all, is what drives racism. A greed for power, for superiority, for wealth, for privelege. Racism is but the tool we use to divide ourselves into sub classes, “races”, we call them – which are all just an illusion. For we are all, truly, one race: the human race.

In a spectacular video from Vox, this truth is magnificently exposed in a series of images that make a very important point: race is not real. Along the way, they cover some important trivia everyone should know.

  • It was German scientist, Johann Friederich Blumenbach, who first formally classified humans into “races”.
  • Blumenbach did so in or around 1776, the same year the Declaration of Independence was signed.
  • Americans of European descent embraced Blumenbach’s theories.
  • Indeed, our Founding Fathers rationalized rebelling to free themselves, while simultaneously allowing slavery to persist, based largely on Blumenbach’s flawed theories.
  • Thomas Jefferson wrote that “the most obvious” difference between the “races” was color. He didn’t mean hair color, or eye color.
  • Our ideas of who’s “white” and who’s not has always been in flux. For example, until 1930, people we’d now call “latino” or “hispanic” were officially considered “white”. The change was made to prevent immigration, and “racial” integration. But then they were reclassified as “white” all over again, in 1942, when America needed workers during World War II. And now, as we all know, when America is once again trying to keep out people from the center and southern parts of the American continents, they’re back to being called “latino” or “hispanic”.
  • Until the early 30’s, one could officially change their “race” merely by crossing state lines.
  • In 2000, it became legal to mark oneself on the official census as every race, or no defined race at all.
  • Today, many Americans can’t even agree on what race the President of the United States is (hint: he’s human, like all of us).
  • Most importantly of all – the “race” chromosome just simply does not exist.

Check out this amazing, thought provoking video:

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