Sean Spicer Just Resigned - But Don't Worry, America, We've Still Got These Hilarious Memories

Sean Spicer Just Resigned – But Don’t Worry, America, We’ve Still Got These Hilarious Memories

End of an Era: A Look Back On Our Favorite Spicy Boy Memories

The best of Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer and the worst of Sean Spicer as himself.

Think what you will of Sean “Spicy Boy” Spicer’s tenure as White House Press Secretary. The man had work ethic. Imagine getting up every day and defending the indefensible. That was the reality of Spicer’s job—to parrot talking points so fatuous they’re a national embarrassment, and nervously improv his way out of factual clarification requests his boss would have his head for answering honestly. From stumbling through a proclamation that Trump had the largest inaugural crowds of any president ever (he didn’t), to accidentally denying the Holocaust, to literally hiding in the bushes to avoid reporters—Spicer is the closest thing to comic relief the Trump administration could provide an overwhelmed American populace.

And lucky us, Spicer’s tenure inspired perhaps the most memorable Saturday Night Live character in a decade. Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Spicer was like looking deeply into the man’s soul. There was no stuttering or stammering. McCarthy delivered Spicer’s lines with the confidence and belligerence the man was clearly trying to summon, day after day as he woke up, looked at himself in the mirror and sighed mournfully. You can do it, Spicey. 

Now that he has resigned, presumably leaving playground bully stereotype Sarah Huckabee Sanders to fill the void in our lives, we look back on some of McCarthy’s most outrageous performances, along with the spiciest moments of Spicer just being himself. It is the very best of Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer and the worst of Sean Spicer as himself.

Spicer’s Inaugural Rant

Following Donald Trump’s inauguration, Spicer provided the world its first glimpse of the Trump administration in action. He took no questions from reporters, instead reading a fiery and over-the-top statement accusing U.S. reporters of lying about how many people came to watch Trump’s swearing-in. It was an awkward first meeting that reeked of authoritarianism and information suppression.

Melissa McCarthy’s Debut Performance

McCarthy’s debut as Spicer is every bit as memorable as his own.

Spicer Claims Trump Doesn’t Own a Bathrobe

After reports surfaced of the new president’s habit of lounging around the White House in a bathrobe, Spicer took the unusual step of denying Trump ever owned a bathrobe in the first place.

Spicer Claims Hitler Didn’t Use Chemical Weapons

Spicer accidentally engaged in Holocaust denialism by insisting Adolf Hitler never used chemical weapons against his own people. Of course, Hitler’s use of gas against Jewish Germans and other people deemed subversive is extensively documented. He also called concentration camps “Holocaust centers”.

Melissa McCarthy’s Easter Apology

McCarthy “apologized” as Spicer for his comments about Hitler.

Spicer Wears His Flag Pin Upside Down

McCarthy’s Spicer Takes Questions from the Press

Sean Spicer Hides in the Bushes / McCarthy Returns As Spicer

After President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was investigating his administration’s involvement in Putin-led interference in the U.S. election, Sean Spicer reportedly “hid in the bushes” to avoid questions from reporters.

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