REPORT: LGBT Centers See Spike In Violence, Harassment, and Vandalism In Trump's America

REPORT: LGBT Centers See Spike In Violence, Harassment, and Vandalism In Trump’s America

After Donald Trump’s Election, LGBT Centers See Spike In Vandalism, Harassment, Credible Threats Of Violence

You may have heard about the recent spike in vandalism against Jewish community centers. But antisemitism is only the beginning. Across the United States, centers for LGBT Americans are also being vandalized – their employees harassed, their exterior walls defaced with hateful graffiti – this is according to a new report from Vocativ, along with information provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Since the election of President Donald Trump in November, hate crimes against LGBT people have been on the rise. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, an Equality center’s windows were shot out with a BB gun. Later that same day, an enraged man entered the building and belligerently told employees “I wish you would all die.”

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After President Trump announced that his administration would rescind protections for transgender students, Equality Centers in both New Jersey and Orlando, Florida had their glass doors and windows shattered. In California and Wisconsin, vandals have repeatedly defaced two LGBT centers with homophobic and transphobic slurs.

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“We can’t be certain of the motives behind the vandalism,” said the Wisconsin center’s president, Gerald Coon. “…but we are aware that such attacks have increased across the country since the election,” He added: “We remain undeterred and will continue our work.”

If you’d like to help, find your local LGBT center and volunteer your time or money to the cause.

Watch Now: LGBT Centers See Spike In Violence, Harassment, and Vandalism In Trump’s America

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Featured photo by Michael Reynolds-Pool licensed through Getty Images. Hat tip to Ryan Beckler of Vocativ News.

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