3 Non-Trans GOP Politicians Who Have Done Creepy Things In Public Bathrooms (VIDEO)

3 Non-Trans GOP Politicians Who Have Done Creepy Things In Public Bathrooms (VIDEO)

Seems GOP Politicians Are More Of A Threat In Public Bathrooms Than Trans People

Oh the bitter irony of it all. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic and sad. It turns out that the biggest threat to people when it comes to sexual misconduct in bathrooms is not transgender people, but GOP politicians.

So, as red states like North Carolina and Mississippi freak out over the idea that a transgender woman may use the bathroom with the sign that has a person wearing a dress instead of the one without, it seems that there have been zero cases reported in the U.S. of a male purposely disguising themselves as a woman to watch ladies pee in women’s bathrooms, and no reports of transgender people bugging others in bathrooms.

Meanwhile, there are at least three GOP politicians who HAVE been arrested for misconduct in bathrooms, officially making Republicans a far bigger threat to bathroom goers than trans people are.

So, without further ado, here are the three GOP politicians who have been caught doing nasty stuff in bathrooms.

Larry Craig

Back in 2007, the Idaho Republican senator was caught at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport hoping get some hot bathroom action by “trying to initiate a sexual liaison,” as GailyGrind puts it and was caught by an undercover cop. Oh, but, you got it all wrong officer, I just had a “wide stance,” Craig argued. A “wide stance”? Interesting. He was charged with lewd conduct, but pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct which is a lesser charge, although he wanted to recant that a few months later. He did say he would resign over the incident, but, well, you know, he changed his mind on that one and stuck it out in the Senate until the 2008 election, which he decided he might not get involved with. Wise move, Larry. Far wiser than your “wide stance” it would seem.

Jim Hinson

Given Mississippi’s approach to the whole transgender bathroom controversy that shouldn’t be, Jim Hinson’s misconduct is particularly poignant.  It seems that, back in 1981, the Mississipi Congressman was caught in the House of Representative’s bathroom having oral sex with a clerk from the Library of Congress. Oooops. Gotta hate it when that happens. Oh, but it seems Jimmy had a bit of a history with doing rather inappropriate things. In 1976, it seems he decided it would be a good idea to expose himself to an undercover agent at, of all places, the Iwo Jima Memorial. Damn. That’s bad.

Bob Allen

Again, back in the grand year of 2007, Florida state Rep. Bob Allen tried to pay an undercover cop $20 for the privilege of giving oral sex to him in a public park men’s room. Oh, and his excuse for all of this was hilarious…and sad. He said the reason he was in the bathroom to begin with was because he was freaked out and feared the black men who were in the park at the time. Really? It isn’t bad enough you are trying to pay undercover cops for sex, but you are also using a racist excuse? Bad move, especially seeing as the cop that caught him was, himself, black.

So, there you have it. Indeed, it seems that GOP politicians are 3-times more likely to get caught doing things they shouldn’t be doing in public washrooms than transgender bathroom goers.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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