10 Tweets That Destroy #HeteroSexualPrideDay

10 Tweets That Destroy #HeteroSexualPrideDay

#HeterosexualPrideDay Unwittingly Illustrates Why We Need Gay Pride Month

The internet managed to embarrass itself when #HeteroSexualPrideDay actually began to trend on twitter.  The ridiculous hashtag, which can be traced back to username @JackNForTweets, is meant to mimic and minimize this month’s gay pride events and it brought out the straight-up ugly of those who have been fortunate enough to never be placed in a position where they had to actually fight for rights that they take for granted.

To give the original poster credit, he did later try to clarify that the tweet was intended as satire, but satire is hard to do on the internet, and those who actually do feel pride in their heterosexuality aren’t usually attuned to subtlety, so — unsurprisingly — they took the hashtag at face value and began waving their flags of straight pride.

Or, in other words, an entitled segment of the population once again completely missed the point and willingly exposed their own ignorance…which is actually pretty thoughtful of them, since the rest of us will know who to avoid.  So there were plenty of smug tweets proudly flung in the face of sexual diversity, unfurling the ridiculous banner of alleged #HeteroSexualPride and making the rest of the internet cringe.

Unfortunately, homophobes do exist…and they have internet access

It’s almost like she should be embarrassed but she’s probably too busy proud of being exactly what nature intended her to be…which would be an idiot who also happens to be straight. But the internet redeemed itself, and Twitter did what Twitter does best, turning the blade of the ridiculous hashtag back on itself — or, if the original poster is to believed, utilized the hashtag in the way it was intended.  Users quickly began to highlight both why those who are straight really have no reason to be inherently proud of that fact, and those who were born gay — or, you know, born as nature intended them to be — actually do have a reason to be proud.  And they did it in 40 characters or less. So here are ten tweets that absolutely slayed #HeteroSexualPrideDay…in all the right ways.

Lady Gaga got in on it, too, expressing herheartfelt sorrow for all the systematically oppressed straight folks in the world.

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And this guy nailed it.

As for those who are continuing to use the hashtag without any sense of irony, don’t worry. They’ll all be back…probably just in time for #whitepridemonth.

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