Trump Shill Kellyanne Conway OWNED By Tweeps Of The Twitterverse... And It's HILARIOUS!

Trump Shill Kellyanne Conway OWNED By Tweeps Of The Twitterverse… And It’s HILARIOUS!

Kellyanne Conway is having a difficult week. For starters, her boss, President-elect Donald Trump is purportedly furious at her over unflattering comments she’s made about Mitt Romney, who’s being considered for the position of secretary of state in Trump’s cabinet, Business Insider reports. And she was smacked down by Chuck Todd on Meet The Press after she was pressured about Trump’s placing his assets in a blind trust. She called this a bad idea because it would “deny his adult children” a chance at running the company.

So she took to Twitter

Perhaps to make herself feel a bit better. But if that’s what she was looking for, things went from bad to worse. Bigly.

Plenty of admirers had something to say about that.

Some aimed their tweets directly at her

Others questioned The Donald’s sexual orientation

Mentioning Trump and anything to do with sex makes me physically ill, however. These are just two things that I never like to think about at the same time.

Others mentioned Trump’s penchant for stiffing people:

Others confronted Trump supporters with the facts:

Others made it clear they will miss Obama:

Others questioned Trump’s reading and spelling abilities:

It’s reasonable to question this, since he makes up words (“bigly,” for instance) as he goes along and doesn’t always appear to be the brightest bulb in the library — for a man who claims he’s the “biggest,” bestest (my word) and whateverest (also my word), but Trump makes “bigly” claims about himself.

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And Conway has been his steadfast protector and supporter while he ran a campaign based on lies, racism, misogyny, Islamophobia and homophobia. Did I miss anything here? While he’s done all these things, she’s been right behind him, when any person with a single shred of dignity and human decency would have dropped this man on his head. Oh, wait…a bunch of other people have elected this guy because they all feel the same way.

And you know, there’s the old saying:

“You get what you pay for.”

These people are going to get that, as are the rest of us.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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