DAPL CEO: 'We're Building The Pipeline' When Investor Trump Becomes POTUS (VIDEO)

DAPL CEO: ‘We’re Building The Pipeline’ When Investor Trump Becomes POTUS (VIDEO)

CEO Hit With Brutal Questions About Safety Before Stating Trump Will Help Push Dakota Access Pipeline

CEO of Energy Transfer Partners and Donald Trump supporter Kelce Warren was interviewed about his company’s desire to finish building the Dakota Access Pipeline last night on PBS Newshour and was very adamant about one thing. When DAPL investor Trump is sworn in to his new job, the Standing Rock Sioux protestors will be ignored and the pipeline will be held up no longer.

Warren was first buried by interviewer William Brangham over the fact a leak could happen at any time, regardless of how safe the company claims it’s pipeline to be. The back-and-forth was brutal:

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: You say that it’s very unlikely or very rare that this pipeline might rupture, but some companies’ pipelines seem to spill more than others.

And your subsidiary Sunoco Logistics has a pretty poor track record when it comes to leaks. According to analysis done by Reuters, Sunoco Logistics spills more crude than any of its competitors, 200 oil leaks in the last six years.

Doesn’t that safety record indicate that the concerns of the Standing Rock Tribe ought to be listened to?

KELCY WARREN: I disagree with that statistic about Sunoco Logistics…This is very thick wall pipe. It’s brand-new steel.

Any reports they’re talking about with Sunoco, Sunoco is a 100-plus-year-old company. And there’s some very, very old pipe in our…

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: But we have seen ruptures in very recent, newly built pipes.

Your Permian Express pipeline in Texas was a brand-new pipe. It spilled 8,000 barrels, I believe. Keystone One, again, a very new pipeline, spilled 14 times in its first year. It just seems like the concerns of the Standing Rock Tribe are not based on nothing.

KELCY WARREN: You know, look, again, like I said, everybody should be concerned about spilling oil on the ground or gasoline or any hydrocarbon or any contaminant, for that matter.

The Permian Express is a perfect example of how “newly built” still doesn’t mean zero leaks. According to a release from the Department of Energy, a proposed fine of $1.3 million was put on Sunoco for “welding practices…including the use of unqualified welders” over an oil leak from this past September. The release states the pipeline began service in “mid-2015”.

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But it’s later in the interview when Warren makes clear what will ultimately happen when an investor in the company becomes the most powerful person on the planet. He initially tried to deflect the question but then admitted the truth:

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Last question for you. President Trump, president-elect Trump is — I know he holds some stock in your company, reportedly, and I know you’re a big supporter of his.

Do you think, when he becomes president, that he will simply authorize the construction of this pipeline?

KELCY WARREN: Well, I don’t think — I don’t think a president actually authorizes an easement.

I think he allows the rules, procedures and laws.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: But you think it will happen when he takes over?

KELCY WARREN: I do, yes…we’re building the pipeline.

Warren also took a shot at the protestors by stating they are not “peaceful” and are a “disruption” to the state. He conveniently ignores how attack dogs were used against protestors and the police have been aggressively using pepper spray and tear gas on peaceful activists.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe recently released a brief documentary about their fight that includes video of some of the aggression from officials they have faced.

The DAPL fight will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. But if CEO Kelce Warren and investor Donald Trump get their way, They may use their newfound power to end the battle early next year.

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