Over 800 Scientists Urgently Demand Trump Take These 6 Critical Steps NOW To Fight Climate Change

Over 800 Scientists Urgently Demand Trump Take These 6 Critical Steps NOW To Fight Climate Change

Climate Scientists Send Open Letter To Donald Trump Pleading For Swift Action On Climate Change

There is little doubt one of the biggest concerns from the scientific community about a Donald Trump presidency is his attitude about climate change. Despite his denials, we know he called climate change a “hoax” and has made some terrifying choices since his campaign for president began. Now, in an effort to grab the president-elect’s attention, over 800 scientists have signed an open letter to Trump urging him “to take immediate and sustained action against human-caused climate change”.

The letter is accompanied by a public petition for anyone to sign to help draw his attention to the issue. The letter notes, “Climate change threatens America’s economy, national security, and public health and safety” and makes six recommendations for Trump to consider upon taking office:

1. Make America a clean energy leader.

2. Reduce carbon pollution and America’s dependence on fossil fuels.

3. Enhance America’s climate preparedness and resilience.

4. Publicly acknowledge that climate change is a real, human-caused, and urgent threat.

5. Protect scientific integrity in policymaking.

6. Uphold America’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.

The letter’s added information on point number one could be the most appealing to Trump and his push to create more jobs:

Use part of your $1 trillion commitment to infrastructure development to expand democratized clean energy, boost U.S. competitiveness, and put America to work. Since 2008, the cleantech industry has created one out of every 33 jobs in the United States. “Wind technician” is the fastest growing job category in America, and the solar industry has hired more veterans than any other sector.

There is certainly room for job growth in the industry and areas like “wind technician” are relatively small, but highly in-demand, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And since Trump has shown he’s willing to take proactive measures on places where as little as hundreds of jobs are saved, such as with the Carrier deal, clean energy is a ripe area for him. This assumes, of course, he’s willing to drastically change his position from his previous stance on climate change.

Yesterday, Trump and his daughter Ivanka met with climate change champion and former Vice-President Al Gore to discuss the issue. Gore was mum on the details of the meeting but did call it an “interesting conversation” and was hopeful of Ivanka’s enthusiasm on addressing the environment. Gore even sounded oddly like Trump after the discussions:

“I think the momentum is unstoppable now, we’re winning this — we’re going to win it — but there is a serious question as to how fast we will win and that’s crucial,” he said.

For everyone’s sake, let’s hope he’s right.

The world of science is sounding the alarm on climate change to Donald Trump as loudly as possible. We can help by signing the petition, but we will have to wait and see if any of this gets through to the Republican standard bearer.

Featured image by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images.

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