Schwarzenegger Forges Mighty Weapon To Slay Climate Change Deniers

Schwarzenegger Forges Mighty Weapon To Slay Climate Change Deniers

Schwarzenegger Backs Invaluable New Website To Help Fight Climate Change On State And Local Levels

The assault on anything meant to battle climate change by the Donald Trump administration has been relentless. The attack certainly culminated with the announcement in June the Republican would pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement. But many have stepped up to continue the fight against climate deniers and this includes former Republican Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger is a part of a group that recently unveiled an invaluable tool for legislators looking to fight climate change on the state and local levels. The Digital Environmental Legislative Handbook is a website dedicated to helping elected officials with the language and talking points for passing laws that have already been successful elsewhere. The effort is a collaboration between the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy and the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators.

POLITICO spoke with the action legend about the new tool and Schwarzenegger made one thing very clear: this is resource is needed because of Trump.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have a digital legislative handbook — and make it available to people who wanted to create environmental action now — because of the situation with Trump…With his decision on the Paris agreement, it is even more so important to make this information available because it shows the kinds of wonderful things states can do without waiting for the federal government.”

The website is designed to give the exact wording of laws, similar to how the conservative group ALEC has done with countless issues. Legislators can find information such as the final language of bills and the fiscal impacts of previous laws where available.

The new tool comes as startling examples showing the effects of climate change continue to make headlines. California’s Death Valley just recorded it’s hottest month ever, breaking a 100-year old record for the area. Average temperatures were recorded at 107.4 degrees in July. And Canada’s southern Saskatchewan region is currently experiencing a drought so bad energy meter boxes on houses are are catching fire due to wires becoming exposed from shifting dry ground.

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Despite the attacks by the administration of Donald Trump, some bits of good news have come out of the United States government showing some movement in the right direction on climate change. Last month, 46 Republicans joined Democrats to defeat an amendment that would have stripped language out of a bill stating climate change was a “direct threat” to national security. The Pentagon has now long been on record reporting climate change is real and a threat to be acknowledged.

It’s clear those that understand the threat of climate change are not going to sit back and just wait for Donald Trump to go away to continue the battle. And in this case, we can even see a Republican like Arnold Schwarzenegger willing to put his name behind a big action in helping the fight. The future definitely needs it.

Featured image via Sergio Camacho/Getty Images.

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