Climate Change Denier Ted Cruz Claims Persecution

WATCH: Ted Cruz Claims Persecution By Climate Scientists In Deranged Rant (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz: Climate change is a liberal hoax, and calling him a ‘denier’ is religious persecution.

During a rally in Henniker, NH, a man asked Ted Cruz a question about climate change that seems strangely out of place for a GOP event these days:

“How would you have our country lead the world in addressing problems caused by climate change and destabilization, and secure the future for our children and our grandchildren? Nothing else matters if we don’t have water to drink and air to breathe.”

A Feb. video from The Washington Post shows the poor man getting quite an earful as the evangelical “Christian” senator from Texas launches into a deranged, eight-minute-long, epic rant.

Ted Cruz starts out sounding reasonable enough. He even states that being “good stewards of the environment” is a “central role in government,” and that public policy should be based on “science and evidence.” Since a survey of scientists who actively publish in peer-reviewed journals finds that 97 percent agree that climate change is caused by human activity, you could be forgiven for thinking, “oh good, it’s all settled then.” Unfortunately, if you think that, you’d be dead wrong.

Less than a minute in, the GOP chairman of the US Senate Science and Space Subcommittee (!) puts on his tin foil hat and descends into a terrifying, dystopian hellscape paved with crackpot conspiracy theories.

“The Old Testament had a test for prophets […] Well, John Kerry failed the Old Testament test for prophets.” — Climate change denier Ted Cruz.

First, Ted Cruz claims that there’s no scientific evidence to prove humans are causing climate change. According to the “experts” who testified to his bogus subcommittee, satellite data shows “no significant warning for the past 18 years, it’s just a steady line.” The GOP candidate then evokes loud laughter as he declares that — to paraphrase Al Gore — the supposed lack of data on climate change is an “inconvenient truth.”

Ted Cruz goes on to tell a tale about how, back in the 1970’s, a vast liberal conspiracy of liberal politicians and scientists fretted about “global cooling.” They claimed we were heading into a “massive ice age,” but the evidence never materialized, so they “repackaged it as global warming.”

“But then the problem was, in the 1970s, the evidence didn’t in fact back up their theory, because the world was not cooling. So what happened a few years later is many of those same politicians, many of those same scientists, they repackaged their theory, and suddenly, instead, it became global warming. And interestingly enough, the solution to global warming, was massive government control of the economy, the energy sector, and every aspect of our lives.”

And now, those Big Government liberals and scientists are trying to scare people with computer models showing “catastrophic impacts,” the Texas senator claims. And back in 2009, then-Senator John Kerry supposedly committed the sin of being a false prophet by predicting that all the polar ice would melt by 2013, even though he said no such thing.

“If you look back in the Old Testament, the Old Testament had a test for prophets […] If someone comes forth and says they’re a prophet, okay, make a short-term prediction and see if it comes true. Well, John Kerry failed the Old Testament test for prophets.”

Because, in Ted Cruz’s Bizarro World, anthropogenic climate change doesn’t exist, it’s all just some liberal ploy to seize power. In fact, the word “climate” doesn’t even mean what we think it means, and is easily confused with “weather.”

“Climate change is perfect, because it can never be proven, whether it gets hotter or colder, whether it gets wetter or drier. The climate is always changing. It has since the beginning of time, and the one thing I’m confident about, it will change tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.”

And of course, lowering our carbon footprint will cost us jobs and raise energy prices — something working Americans (especially single moms!) can’t afford. Since when does Ted Cruz care about struggling workers and single moms?

Calling Ted Cruz a climate change denier uses the “the language of religion” to persecute him? Really?

Finally comes the most outrageous leap of logic of all, as Ted Cruz claims that in calling him a “climate change denier,” scientists and liberals are persecuting him with “the language of religion.” No, you can’t make this stuff up. Ted Cruz’s mental contortions would make even the most avid practitioner of the Kama Sutra wilt with envy:

“And by the way, the global warming alarmists — and one thing to understand — you notice how the proponents of this theory? What do they call anyone who disputes the ‘facts,’ who looks to the evidence? They call you a denier. That is not the language of science. That’s the language of religion. To say you are a denier, you are a heretic, you are blaspheming. You give me any scientist who is not a denier, who is not questioning ‘facts,’ that’s not a scientist.”

How can Ted Cruz and other GOP politicans get away with spewing such nonsense? Because, as Jeremy Schulman from Mother Jones points out, “it’s almost a litmus test in the Republican Party that you have to reject climate science.” In New Hampshire, 55 percent of state residents believe that humans cause climate change, but when only Republicans are polled, that number plummets to 40 percent.

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Watch: Ted Cruz’s epic eight-minute rant on climate change.

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Elisabeth Parker is a writer, web designer, mom, political junkie, and dilettante.

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