5 Reasons Donald Trump Should Drop Out Now

5 Reasons Donald Trump Should Drop Out Now

At Sunday’s second presidential debate, Donald Trump excused his sexist conversation with Billy Bush as “locker room talk”. But as numerous political commentators have pointed out, including contributors to Reverb Press, Trump’s comments are far more troublesome – and thus, more damning – than mere guy talk. In fact, by broad consensus, they describe acts of sexual assault.

Putting it mildly, this is not a scandal Trump can brush off with a snarky non-comment and cavalier attitude. His staunchest defenders invoke free speech to quell the cognitive dissonance that comes with allegiance to a demagogue. It’s a hazy idea, but strong enough to sustain Mr. Trump’s candidacy thus far: beyond the name-calling and childishness, the disrespect for women, the temper-tantrums and the utter disregard for civil discourse is a basically decent human being. A flawed man with a vision to make America great again.

But now it has become obvious, even to those die-hard Trump fanatics, that the businessman-turned-politician is not a basically decent human being (what a twist). And as he sniffled his way through the second presidential debate, it became clear (in the words of the latter-day Roosevelt) to all but the blind or the partisan that the proverbial Trump Train has de-railed.

As Trump’s campaign flounders, his Republican colleagues abandon him, and the eyes of the nation see through the ideological fog to the serial abuser at the podium—may I present five compelling reasons Donald J. Trump should pack up and go back to hocking useless wares on television. My Republican friends should agree.

Pandora’s box has opened

Audio tape of Donald Trump’s lewd comments during appearances on programs like The Howard Stern Show have been in popular circulation for months. Until recently, however, the Republican presidential candidate was able to deflect criticism of such remarks by invoking his status as a celebrity. It was “for entertainment”, in his words.

Since the release of the Billy Bush conversation, however, his past appearances on programs like Stern’s have come under intense scrutiny. Furthermore, journalists and opposition researchers are digging for more damning statements—including conservative news legend Geraldo Rivera, who claims to be in possession of unreleased audio tapes.  “I have interviewed Donald Trump many times and been with him many times, and I have tapes,” Rivera told Fox News. “My brother and I have been starting to go through the tapes now and there are statements that, in the context of the current climate, would be embarrassing.”

Trump should drop out before more damaging remarks can be unearthed.

He’s destroying his own brand

Without his brand, Donald Trump is nothing. A mostly unsuccessful businessman, Trump relies on his celebrity status to keep cash flow coming in. And as the celebrity brands of Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle and Jimmy Savile turned toxic over their respective sex-abuse allegations, so too will the Trump brand become more and more damaged the longer he stays in the race.

Trump should drop out before his brand’s value depreciates.

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The media has turned on him

Donald Trump’s wildly successful campaign strategy, that of mixing information and entertainment into a blend of media storylines that keep his face in the papers ad infinitum, is now working against him. As I’ve written previously, months of negative media attention had actually worked in Mr. Trump’s favor. But now, as New York Times columnist Jim Rutenberg astutely observes: the very media atmosphere that lifted him up is tearing him down.

Trump should drop out before the media further damage his reputation.

His party has turned on him

Donald Trump is no Republican—nobody is entirely sure what he actually is. Most of us settle on populist, with some variation of authoritarian or far-right prefixed. The conservative National Review calls him “anti-constitutional”. Others call him a nativist. Only Trump calls Trump a Republican. But insofar as the Republican Party comprises a set of shared values and policy goals, Donald Trump is no Republican.

That the GOP has tolerated him this long is either proof of their commitment to a fair and democratic primary process or, more likely: that they’ve been waiting for the right moment to stab him in the back. Et tu, Ryan?

Trump should drop out before his new Republican colleagues embarrass him even further.


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His Friends Have Turned On Him

After the release of the Billy Bush conversation, those who knew or worked with Donald Trump began speaking out about his character. One recent example was David Letterman, who had interviewed Trump on numerous occasions and even described him as a “perfect guest”.

“So now, he decides he’s running for president. And right out of the box, he goes after immigrants and how they’re drug dealers and they’re rapists. And everybody swallows hard. And they think, oh, well, somebody will take him aside and say, ‘Don, don’t do that.’ But it didn’t happen. And then, I can remember him doing an impression, behind a podium, of a reporter for The New York Times who has a congenital disorder. And then I thought, if this was somebody else — if this was a member of your family or a next-door neighbor, a guy at work — you would immediately distance yourself from that person. And that’s what I thought would happen. Because if you can do that in a national forum, that says to me that you are a damaged human being. If you can do that, and not apologize, you’re a person to be shunned.”

From the article David Letterman Calls Donald Trump ‘A Person To Be Shunned’

Trump should drop out before he realizes how alone he is in the world.

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Timothy Bertrand is an author and journalist from Houston, Texas. He is the Associate Editor at Reverb Press and splits his time between covering breaking news and penning thoughtful literary essays.

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Timothy Bertrand is an author and journalist from Houston, Texas. He is the Associate Editor at Reverb Press and splits his time between covering breaking news and penning thoughtful literary essays.

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