Bernie 2.0? Leaked Emails Reveal Campaign To Smear Jill Stein As 'Anti-Science'

Bernie 2.0? Leaked Emails Reveal Campaign To Smear Jill Stein As ‘Anti-Science’

REPORT: Misinformation Campaign Targets Jill Stein

Leaked email urges progressives to paint Green Party candidate as anti-science.

An email published by CounterPunch last week appears to give advice on smearing Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein as anti-science. Evocative of the dialog between senior DNC staffers regarding Bernie Sanders, the email was sent by Robert Naiman, the Foreign Policy Director for the webzine Just Foreign Policy.

From: Robert Naiman‪

If you have a lot of Facebook friends, you may have recently noticed a high level of activity on your Facebook feed by Jill Stein acolytes.

If so, you may find the following links useful to throw them off their game. No warranty, express or implied. You don’t have to prove that Jill Stein is an anti-science conspiracy theorist. You just have to say, “There are unanswered questions about whether Jill Stein is an anti-science conspiracy theorist.”

There’s Nothing Green About Jill Stein’s Vaccine Stance

Jill Stein on vaccines: People have ‘real questions’

Jill Stein Promotes Homeopathy, Panders On Vaccines

Jill Stein Worries Wi-Fi Is Dangerous For Kids


Robert Naiman
Policy Director
Just Foreign Policy

In another email exchange, this time with Green Party organizer Kevin Zeese, Naiman threatens to “expose” Stein as “a Trokskyite cancer”. This charge will seem unusual to anyone familiar with the Marxist disciple.

“I’ll make you a deal: call off your dogs and I won’t further expose Jill Stein as a Trokskyite cancer.”

“People may wonder why suddenly everyone was saying Jill Stein is anti-vax — now we know it was a coordinated campaign,” Zeese told CounterPunch contributor Jeffrey St. Clair.

“Obviously, it also happens in the media because all of a sudden multiple news outlets were reporting the same thing. Had Stein said something that all these media outlets saw and ‘reported’ on — no, she had not said anything anti-vax, but they were coordinated. It was a planned slander attack.”

OPINION: The Cold Reality Of The Unshatterable Glass Ceiling

Radical reformists don’t have a chance in 2016. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop fighting.

I am not a Green Party supporter, nor am I a great admirer of Jill Stein. My loyalties, as they must be spelled out in this age of identity journalism, lay elsewhere—perhaps in the burgeoning grassroots landscape of Sanders’ post-presidential amibitions, but more accurately in the disappearing traditions of transparency and classical liberal democracy.

The Green and Libertarian parties emerge every year as an alternative to the ugly choices the two-party system present. This year’s choices — a warmongering career politician with innumerable foreign policy blunders or an illiberal, regressive populist whose far-right VP would effectively run the executive branch — present the Greens and Libertarians with their greatest prospects yet. But if Bernie Sanders, with all his populist might, couldn’t shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling, neither will the respectable Stein or absurd Gary Johnson. That the hurdles are simply too great to overcome isn’t misinformation, it is the cold reality of an oligarchic political system cemented by the odious Third Way of Hillary Clinton’s triangulating husband.

Let it never be said that I advised a single soul to “hold their nose and vote for Clinton”. This Novemember, vote strategically or vote your conscience—but don’t forget the fight for sensible progressive policy doesn’t end with the presidential race. Nor should you allow yourself to freeze in this cold reality of endless war, corporate interests, and dirty little political secrets. In the suprisingly eloquent words of Joe Biden, himself captive to an administration hellbent on punishing whistleblowers:

“Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It’s self-defense. It’s patriotism.”

As a counterpoint, I offer a piece from my colleague Nathaniel Downes, titled: “Green Party Rejects Sanders Supporters In Mind-Numbing Snub“.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images with leaked email overlay added by the author.

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