Tweet Takes On Republican Party After Dallas Attack

Tweet Takes The Republican Party To Task For Their Out-Of-Touch Priorities

Dallas: The Morning After

Congress and the Senate must stop wasting time with partisan showmanship and address domestic terrorism in America.

As morning broke over Dallas, the city struggled to make sense of the deadly domestic terror attack that claimed the lives of five police officers. It’s the dreadful hangover of mass violence, a morning of cluttered and unfocused thoughts as millions process the magnitude of what just happened.

Yet again we are confronted by the glaring issue of America’s susceptibility to homegrown threats. Like a sobering case of last night regret, we’re reminded again that what we’ve been doing just isn’t working. But it is acting on that regret which seems to stumble us.

Once again, the issue is glaring: our legislators aren’t responding to the needs of the American people. Tax dollars that could be spent implementing 21st Century law enforcement reform are wasted on pointless partisan showmanship. To this end, the Benghazi hearings have been a particularly good example. By their own admission, the circus was an act of partisanship. By our calculations, it was an expensive act of partisanship.

One Twitter user named Oliver Willis put it succinctly:

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The legislation we do pass tends to favor more militarization of America’s police. Though this will be a sensitive subject in the months and years to come, demonstrably archaic policing practices only serve to further the cycle of violence. Don’t be misled: this is not war, it is escalation. The politically expedient thing to do, especially for Republicans but by no means excluding Democrats, will be to call for increased security and even more brutal and invasive policing tactics. The sober thing to do is begin the process of deescalation.

America’s police forces must be protected from harm—but not at the expense of their sacred duty to protect and serve. Now is the time for activists and police to unite and achieve peace, but something tells me partisanship and polarization will worsen instead.

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Timothy Bertrand is an author and journalist from Houston, Texas. He is the Associate Editor at Reverb Press and splits his time between covering breaking news and penning thoughtful literary essays.