GOP Rep Refuses to Acknowledge That All Americans Deserve Food

Slimy GOP Congressman Refuses to Acknowledge That All Americans Deserve… Food. Really.

A Simple Question About The Need For Americans To Have Food Seems Too Hard For This Republican To Answer

Are American’s entitled to have food? Seems like an easy question to answer. At least one would assume it would be an easy question to answer. Not so, however, at least for Republican Representative Adrian Smith of Nebraska.

As Raw Story reports, Smith spoke on the NPR program ‘Morning Edition’ on Saturday where he seemed to have a little trouble committing to the idea that Americans should be entitled to food in the wake of budget cuts by the Trump administration that hit food stamps and farm subsidies and a whole lot more.

Here is how the conversation between Adrian Smith and show host Scott Simon went, according to The Hill.

“Well, let me ask you this bluntly — is every American entitled to eat?”

The response?

“Well, they — nutrition, obviously, we know is very important.”

That’s an understatement if there ever was one. Simon pushed him again.

Well, not just important, it’s essential for life. Is every American entitled to eat?”

Smith responded that, yes, “it is essential.”

So, should food stamps be an “ultimate guarantor,” Simon asked?

“I think that we know that, given the necessity of nutrition, there could be a number of ways that we could address that.”

In the meantime, as the New York Times reports, Trump’s budget will be decimating the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is more commonly referred to as food stamps. Over the next 10 years, $192 billion will be cut from that program.

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As Ted Dallas, the Pennsylvania Human Services Secretary, told CBS Pittsburgh, SNAP is used by over 1.8 million people in his state.

“It helps them be able to put food on the table for kids, it helps seniors who might otherwise go hungry, and it helps people navigate through what can be a tough time when they lose their job or are unemployed.”

Exactly. Those who will suffer the most, as is often the case in these situations, are those who are disabled, the elderly, and children.

“There’s over 700,000 recipients of SNAP, or what people used to call food stamps, that are kids, and 260,000 of them are senior citizens or the elderly.”

The question is, how exactly is reducing access to life-giving food for millions of citizens helping to make America great again?

Well, the answer is, quite simply, it isn’t.  And the move to slash programs like SNAP could be disastrous for Republicans.  After all, it ends up screwing some of the very people that helped put Trump in power, as Gallup economist Jonathan Rothwell warns in the Washington Post.

“In many ways, this budget seems to cut against or contradict many of the key points of his campaign — that the government and powerful elites were not looking out for ordinary Americans. This budget is playing much more into the hands of core conservatives, even hardcore conservatives, and not at all to the neglected, disconnected, independent voters, who really made his election possible.”

So, broken campaign promises and budget cuts that make life even harder for the disenfranchised voters who were tired of the status quo so gave Trump a chance? Sounds about par for the course with the Trump administration.

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