Paul Ryan Just Tried to Brag About Tax Cuts, Got Brutal Reality Check Instead

Paul Ryan Just Tried to Brag About Tax Cuts, Got Brutal Reality Check Instead

Republican Paul Ryan Apparently Thinks Giving You An Extra $1.50 A Week Is Worth The Brag

Republicans will be heading into this year’s midterms with one major legislative achievement since Donald Trump became president: tax cuts that largely benefited corporations and the wealthy. And to what ends will they go to sell this plan that adds over one trillion dollars to the debt? Speaker of the House Paul Ryan just gave us a hint.

Ryan took to Twitter to tout the story of one secretary that saw a $1.50 per week increase in their paycheck. The Republican would later delete the tweet apparently after the overwhelmingly negative reaction.

The article includes some cautionary parts that Ryan is not likely to brag about, including one worker stating the cuts were intended for the “ones who needed it least”.

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While people are seeing some increases, Paul Ryan is clearly feeding the reality that these cuts more heavily benefited the wealthy and corporations. And Twitter was quick to unleash on the Speaker for the absurdity.

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Many users also pointed out groups backing Paul Ryan pocketed over $500,000 from Charles Koch and his wife just weeks after the passage of the tax cuts.

The billionaire Koch brothers and their business stand to profit rather handsomely from the cuts. One analysis put their yearly savings at well over $1 billion.

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Republicans will continue to run on their only major legislative win from last year. There will certainly be ways for them to sell personal stories to take the focus off of the money millionaires and billionaires will save.

But if the attempt by Paul Ryan is any indication of how they will go about it, this looks like it won’t turn into many votes in the 2018 midterms.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

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