America First? As Jobs Disappear, Delusional Trump Brags -- For Infuriating Reason

America First? As Jobs Disappear, Delusional Trump Brags — For Infuriating Reason

The Final Jobs Report of Trump’s First Year Failed To Meet Expectations, And That’s Not the Worst of It

President Donald Trump began his Friday morning bragging about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs“, yet two brand-new reports paint a contrarian picture of the narrative that the businessman-turned-game-show-host-turned-politician is the “Jobs president” he promised to be. The Department of Labor’s December jobs report failed to meet expectations for the second time in three months. And another report on outsourcing labor portends to a potentially devastating long-term economic impact.

Yet the president remains infatuated with the stock market, playing the American middle class for suckers as the capital class gets much richer while real anxiety sets in among the worker:

He doesn’t want to tell you where those six trillion dollars are going.

As Yahoo! Finance points out, job growth in December missed economists’ expectations:

The December jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed nonfarm payrolls grew by 148,000 while the unemployment rate stayed steady at 4.1%, slightly missing expectations. Economists expected nonfarm payrolls grew by 190,000 in December.

The 148,000 jobs created were the lowest mark for any December since 2013 and the third worst for the holiday shopping season since the peak of the Great Recession.

Outsourcing a Key Culprit

As disconcerting as the December jobs report may be, a new study by the federal workers’ advocacy group Action Network points to an alarming trend in the movement of jobs from America to offshore locations, standing in stark contrast to Trump’s (racially tinged) “America First” campaign pledge. Quartz notes:

A group that advocates for federal workers says government records show more than 10,000 jobs at federal contractors have been sent over overseas since Trump was elected. That’s more than double the average annual amount during Barack Obama’s presidency. The organization, Good Jobs Nation, funded by unions and faith groups, wants the White House to hold these contractors accountable.

The president has had no problem taking credit for even the smallest announcement about any jobs created — or worker bonuses rendered — in the almost fourteen months since he was elected (Yes, he often points to Election Day instead of Inauguration Day even though he had no formal power in the space between). Even when the jobs or bonuses have absolutely nothing to do with him or his policies.  He prefers to concoct a plot that business simply “respects” him, hence the economic gains. Never is it mentioned that the American economy has been on this trajectory for years.

Yet the Quartz analysis on outsourcing tells a different story:

All told, in the year since Trump was elected, more than 93,000 jobs have been certified by the Department of Labor as lost to outsourcing or trade competition, slightly higher than the average of about 87,000 in the preceding five years. But federal contractors made up 10% of that number, rather than the previous average of 4%. That suggests companies that work for the government like General Motors, Boeing and United Technologies aren’t worried about political repercussions from the man in the White House.

Democrats Quick To Respond to Jobs Report

With the ball dropping to ring in 2018, the calendar officially turned to an election year as the November midterms approach. And congressional Democrats moved swiftly to disseminate the truth behind the reports and the real goals of Trump’s economic policies:

Only ten more job reports until the Midterms.

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