6 Outrageous Times Fox News Blamed Black Victims

6 Outrageous Times Fox News Blamed Black Victims

Fox News is and always has been a propaganda outfit designed to support the Republican party. It was first conceived of in the White House of President Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon (who resigned the Presidency when Woodward & Bernstein proved he was a crook in the pages of the Washington Post) by then Nixon operative Roger Ailes, who has been at the helm of the cable channel since it launched.

It was Ailes who famously convinced Nixon of the importance of Television in politics, when Nixon happened to meet him working as a producer for the then popular TV program The Mike Douglas Show, and the gutsy young Ailes admonished the then Vice President of the United States that he better take TV seriously if he ever wanted to be President. Nixon soon brought Ailes onto the White House staff and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

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And of course the Republican party, which was actually founded to combat racism and slavery (which is why it was the party of Lincoln at the time), has pursued the “Southern Strategy” of appealing to racists ever since the formerly racist Democratic party repented it’s sins, and threw it’s support behind the Civil Rights movement in 1964. It was then that the two parties shuffled their decks, with members defecting from one party to the other, such as when Ronald Reagan switched to the GOP, declaring that “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic party left me.”

So perhaps it should not be surprising that Fox Noise makes it a priority to blame the victims of racist violence whenever such a victim’s case becomes prominent national news. After all, promoting racism builds the Republican Party’s base of the greedy, paranoid, bigoted, fanatical, and stupid.

Here are 6 of the most outrageous times Fox News blamed black victims:

Megyn Kelly on Sandra Bland:
Because that’s the kind of “free country” we want to live in?
Megyn Kelly on the teenager violently manhandled by police in McKinney, Tx:
So, basically only saints are safe? But ordinary kids aren’t.
Sean Hannity:
Because nobody is trying to get to that 9 to 5…



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