Bakery That Refused To Cater Lesbian Wedding Shuts Down, Chrislamofascists Lose Their Minds

Bakery That Refused To Cater Lesbian Wedding Shuts Down, Chrislamofascists Lose Their Minds

Bakery went from sweet cakes to sour grapes

This Christian-owned bakery was at the center of a same-sex marriage kerfuffle in 2013. Now, in a Facebook message, the Oregon-based bakery, Sweet Cakes by Melissa has announced its closure.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa was smacked with a hefty lawsuit in April 2015 after refusing to serve Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer for their wedding. As a result, Aaron and Melissa Klein were ordered to pay $135,000 in damages because they discriminated against the couple.

But through the miracle of crowdsourcing and gullible people — especially the Christian donation platform Continue to Give, the Kleins raised $460,000.

Despite that, the bakery is closing shop permanently because of the “Homofascist Mob” and the “Gay Mafia.” 

At least that’s what Todd Starnes, writing for Charisma News is claiming. The bakery was shut down because the Kleins were bullied by “left-wing bigots” — or, ”Homofascists” as Starnes so charmingly calls them — because they declined to “violate their conscience” and bake a cake for the women’s wedding.

Starnes opined:

“To be clear, Aaron and Melissa Klein did not go looking to engage in a fight with the LGBT community. The fight came to them and to their business.”

Excuse me? When you refuse to serve a same-sex couple because their sexual orientation upsets your religious insensibilities that’s not looking for a fight? What did the Kleins think Bowman and Cryer were going to do — simply say something like “Oh, that’s okay, teehee, we’ll just go somewhere else” and skip their way out of the bakery?

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And of course there’s the small fact that the Kleins were allegedly violating the law, specifically the Oregon Equality Act, which provides protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

And RedState bemoaned the plight of the beleaguered bakery owners.

“Efforts to survive as Aaron and Melissa Klein fought to have their right to religious freedom restored have been long and difficult. They closed the doors to their storefront location in 2013 and moved the business to their home in order to no longer be a place of public accommodation. They started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money in order to pay for their fine, but GoFundMe shut it down claiming that it violated company policy. And in December, 2015, just before Christmas, the state of Oregon seized every penny of the personal funds.

“Despite these valiant efforts, and with the business completely ruined, the Klein family was literally run out of business by the anti-Christian, pro-LGBT Gay Mafia.”

RedState blurted out this nonsense further on:

“As I have documented many times, the agenda of the LGBT radicals has nothing to do with equal rights. Their primary objective is the complete and utter destruction of morality and Christianity in America — and in the end, the Constitutional rights of every American.”

It’s rather funny that these people seem to forget that while the First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees  freedom of religion, it also guarantees freedom from religion. These people are nuttier than a Payday bar.

Or, as my dad would say, “Don’t confuse them with the facts.”

I miss my dad.

Screencap courtesy of Facebook/Sweet Cakes By Melissa

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