Black Teen Murdered In Cold Blood After 'Bumping Into' White Man

Black Teen Murdered In Cold Blood After ‘Bumping Into’ White Man

list that includes Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis Gets Bigger

Another name has been added to the unending list of black teenagers shot by unhinged white men who should have never been allowed access to a gun, Raw Story reports. James Means, 15, had a dream of opening his own mechanic shop. As a member of Dream Chasers, an organization that teachers at-risk youngsters leadership skills, he was on his way.

“James was the kid that was excited about working, just working. James wanted to be a businessman and open up a mechanic shop,” said Obi Henderson, the founder of Dream Chasers.

But instead of this happening, his family and friends are spending this Thanksgiving planning his funeral. Means died after William Pulliam, 62, allegedly shot him.

Witnesses say that Pulliam became angry after Means accidentally bumped into him while the two were shopping, The New York Daily News reports.

Pulliam left the store and the two argued a second time, and the older man shot Means twice in the abdomen. Then he left the teen to die and proceeded to go home, eat dinner and visit a friend, a criminal complaint reports.


The case brings back memories of the murder of Jordan Davis, also a teenager, who was shot by Michael Dunn in 2012 because the music in his friend’s car was too loud. Dunn, who is white, fired 10 rounds into the car which was full of teens. Then he went back to his hotel room, turned on the TV, ordered pizza and poured himself a few drinks.

Police say that after his arrest on Tuesday morning, Pulliam showed no remorse for killing the teen.

“The way I look at it, that’s another piece of trash off the street,” he told police.

But this isn’t the first time Pulliam has harassed people of color. Previously, he had a run-in with a Hispanic teen, local reports say. When police responded, they merely told the kids to stay away from him.

Now we have another black teen, who had a bright future ahead of him, dead. His family says James was able to “light up a room, even on the darkest of days. Friends and schoolmates mourned his death by holding a candlelight vigil near the site where he was gunned down. They wrote messages on a board decorated with pictures.

“This was unexpected because he was a really good person,” said his friend, Haley Braxton. “He wasn’t a fighter. He didn’t mess with anybody. He always made everybody so happy.”

A U.S. Attorney says a review is in process to determine if the slaying meets the criteria for a hate crime.

Pulliam has been convicted of domestic violence in the past, reports. Which means it’s illegal for him to even possess a gun.

Pulliam allegedly struck “his pregnant daughter in the face several times with a closed fist and kicked her in the stomach. He also shoved his wife to the ground during that incident,” the criminal complaint said, according to The West Virginia Charleston Gazette. 

This monster reportedly shot Means twice in the stomach with a .380 caliber revolver.

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During a jailhouse interview with a local TV station, Pulliam claimed Means had flashed a gun at him after an argument.

“I don’t like it. I mean believe me, I did not want to kill anybody, but they’re not going to kill me,” he said.

The TV station said Pulliam claimed “Means saw him, came across the street and started taunting him with the gun.” He denied the shooting was racially motivated.

However, Means wasn’t armed, police say.

And also reports that Teonno White, 14, who was friends with Means, notes he’s had run-ins with Pulliam before. The teen said the older man would “pick on” White’s younger brother.

“One time I went over there to talk to him about it. I said, ‘You’ve got to quit picking on my little brother, that doesn’t look right,’” White says, adding that Pulliam replied “[You] need to go on with my nappy Latino Self. He’s just a real bad guy.”

White has called the police on Pulliam before.

Pulliam is scheduled to appear in court on December 1 at the Kanawha County Magistrate Court, where he will be represented by a court-appointed attorney. He has been charged with First Degree Murder.

He is well-aware that he faces life in prison, but was unhappy at the prospect of remaining in jail until at least until his appearance in court on Dec.1.

“Don’t I get to say anything?” he asked. The magistrate advised him against speaking out before conferring with an attorney.

“I’ll lose my job and everything  unless  I can get out of here,” Pulliam said. “I’m going to have to go on a hunger strike,” he said under his breath while being escorted to a video conference room by a corrections officer.

While this man is whining about this, James Means’ family is celebrating Thanksgiving by setting up a GoFundMe account so they can afford to pay for the funeral of a young boy who will never have the chance to run that mechanic shop he dreamed about.

In the video below, Means’ family expresses their grief.

[brid video=”80628″ player=”5260″ title=”James Means’ family speaks out after teen is shot dead”]

Screencap by YouTube/strxp

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