KY Gov. To Anti-Gay Clerk Davis: 'Do Your Job Or Resign'

KY Governor Tells Insubordinate Homophobic Clerk ‘Do Your Job Or Resign’ (VIDEO)

Kentucky Court Clerk and direct mouthpiece for God Almighty, Casey Davis, is taking a stand. He believes in this so hard that he’s willing to go to jail, even. Whatever it takes. Davis has laid down the law—what he calls “nature’s  law”–about issuing same sex marriage licenses, hell, any marriage license. Davis cites his homophobic religious beliefs as reason to violate the Constitution. Because in the “rock, paper, scissors’ game of life, HIS interpretation of HIS religion trumps everything.

In fact, Davis actually came up with a solution. He proposed that Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear call for a special session of the state legislature, just for him.  Davis wants the legislature to pass a law that would allow couples to purchase their marriage licenses on-line, like hunting and fishing licenses. You know, so he won’t have to get any gay on him. Because it’s a well-known fact in Kentucky that you can catch “the gay.”

In an interview with local NBC affiliate Lex 18, Davis said:

“My solution would be, to what everyone else has called the law of the land, is have an online issuance for marriage licenses so that it takes it out of the hands of the individual. I think I deserve some sort of relief that I took my oath to do this job to the best of my ability, so help me God. I can’t go beyond what my conscience allows.”

Meanwhile, a July 6 rally for Casey Davis drew about 1,000 supporters, according to Towleroad. Davis took  his position atop the steps of the Casey County Courthouse and proceeded to pontificate.

“None of us are going to live here forever, so nature’s law will trump any law that man’s law writes on a piece of paper. Nature’s law does not agree with the homosexual lifestyle.”

Davis also made the statement that a “sincere effort to uphold what has always made America different from all other nations: The fact that our rights come from God and those rights cannot be abridged by any force, nor by any power, nor by any manipulation on earth.”  Good old Kentucky public school civics class.

Listen to poor, victimized County Clerk Casey Davis’ sermon.

On July 9, Davis was granted a portion of his request: a meeting with the Democratic governor.

Beshear advised Davis to do his damn job or else resign from office.

In a statement, Beshear has said he will meet individually with any state official who is concerned about the Supreme Court ruling, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. The governor also said he will not be calling a special legislative session to address same-sex marriage issues. Doing so would cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“My position is clear because I took the same oath they did, and that oath is to uphold that constitutional ruling, regardless as to what you feel about it.”
A spokesman for Gov. Beshear disclosed to the press more of what was included in the statement.
“I advised Mr. Davis that I respect his right to his own personal beliefs regarding same-sex marriages. However, when he was elected, he took a constitutional oath to uphold the United States Constitution,. One of Mr. Davis’ duties as county court clerk is to issue marriage licenses, and the Supreme Court now says that the United States Constitution requires those marriage licenses to be issued regardless of gender. Mr. Davis’ own county attorney has advised him that his oath requires him to do so.”

Casey County Attorney Thomas Weddle Jr. also has advised Davis that his oath of office requires him to issue marriage licenses to all qualified persons, he relayed in a phone interview with

Weddle said he had “the greatest respect” for Casey Davis and his religious beliefs, “but the problem is that his religious convictions in this case do not comply with the law.  I told him he would not win this case in court.”

Prior to his summit with the governor, Davis said he was willing to go to jail for his religious beliefs. “If that’s what it takes to express freedom of religion, I’m willing to do this,” the clerk said.

Davis is not the only local official across the U.S. to refuse to comply with the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision. They all cite “religious objections” – translation – “I don’t get to use God as an excuse to impose my bigoted and hateful beliefs anymore and I’m pissed!”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky has filed a class action lawsuit against Rowan County Clerk of Court Kim Davis for refusing to issue marriage licenses. A federal judge is scheduled to hear arguments in that case July 14.

(H/T:, Huffington Post   Photo: Facebook)


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