BREAKING: Dems Slam Trump, Roger Stone With Voter Intimidation Lawsuits In Key Swing States

BREAKING: Dems Slam Trump, Roger Stone With Voter Intimidation Lawsuits In Key Swing States

Democrats Bring Suits In Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Republican standard bearer Donald Trump and longtime friend and “Ultimate Loyalist” Roger Stone are being sued in four states for possible voter intimidation. Democrats in Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania filed lawsuits to ensure the 2016 election would be free of voter intimidation tactics reminiscent of a Jim Crow past.

Trump has been busy on the campaign trail making claims that the upcoming election could be “rigged” and stoking unsubstantiated fears among his supporters of widespread voter fraud. On top of that, it was recently revealed by an unnamed official in the Trump campaign that “three major voter suppression operations” were underway in an attempt to lower turnout among liberals, young women, and minority voters.

Roger Stone’s super PAC, Stop the Steal, is named in the suits along with the Republican Party. Stone infamously threatened to give away the hotel room numbers of electors at the Republican National Convention when Trump’s nomination looked like it could be contested. With that move, Stone put a microscope on himself when it comes to possible voter intimidation tactics.

LawNewz noted the suits and pointed out the wording is urgent and direct about intimidation in predominantly minority areas:

Trump’s supporters have responded with pledges to descend upon polling places in “certain areas” where many minority voters live in order to interfere with their efforts to exercise the franchise…

Immediate relief is necessary. There are only 8 days left until Election Day, and early in-person voting in Nevada is well underway. Trump’s calls for unlawful intimidation have grown louder and louder, and the conspiracy to harass and threaten voters on Election Day has already resulted in numerous acts that threaten to interfere with the voting rights of registered Nevada voters.

Stone responded in a statement to LawNewz that he was “honored” by the lawsuits but his organization was just conducting scientific exit polling. He also scoffed at the idea that he was “racist”, despite a questionable history.

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Pennsylvania is a particular concern since Donald Trump called on supporters to “watch” polling places just a few months ago. The state experienced problems in 2004 when GOP lawyers were challenging young students on their identities, leading to long and discouraging lines.

While Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and other conservatives continue to whine about nearly mythical voter fraud, they are planting the seeds for dangerous situations to arise on Election Day. Clearly, Democrats in these four states are not willing to let that happen and are stepping in to do what they can to stop it. And in the interest of actual democracy, the rest of us should be applauding these efforts.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

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