Police Department Humiliates Terrified Black Addict In Sick Facebook Post

Police Department Disgustingly Humiliates Terrified Black Addict In Sick Facebook Post

police are using social media to humiliate citizens

Since at least the 2010s, the most shocking news coverage that has erupted from extensive social media networks are incidents of police brutality. In 1991, the country got lucky that George Holliday happened to have a video camera on hand to record the beating of Rodney King. But, in the 25 years since, digital technology has given nearly every citizen access to a mobile phone that can not only record video, audio, and photos on the fly, but instantly stream or send anything they capture to a network of people. Indeed, Holliday himself has advocated everyone to do just that. We have seen this make a difference in the past, from something as simple as tweeting during a tear gas assault to the filming of long videos. And it is through the actions of these individuals that many cases of police misconduct and shootings primarily targeting African Americans (though encompassing low-income individuals as a whole) have been exposed.

As comedian Bill Maher has pointed out in the past, however, the scariest part is knowing the amount of incidents that must occur without a camera there to capture the whole thing. But, the silver lining to all this is social media can still be used to bring these to the light, just in a different fashion.

Tormentors live for a sick sense of pleasure derived from some other creature’s pain, and so sometimes it’s they, themselves who document their own cruelty. After all, in such a moment who can deny them a quick photo to put in their disgusting gallery? You see it in garden variety trophy hunters who can’t even be bothered to eat what they kill, or hunt only that which they will eat, or at least feed the hungry. We saw it in the disturbing photos taken by torturers at Abu Graib, to America’s eternal shame. We saw it on the Rodney King tape, Indeed, we’ve seen it in a long, long list of examples throughout history.

And now we can add to that list the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, where, about a week ago, the cops there were chasing after a speeding truck. Catching the driver as he attempted to flee on foot, he was found with almost 10 grams worth of drugs and charged accordingly. And that is where things should have ended in an ideal law enforcement encounter. Unfortunately, a picture posted on the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Facebook wall revealed the rest of the story; the driver, clearly distressed from the situation, was forced to sit on the ground and have his hair pulled by the responding policemen in order to frame him for a nice shot. As stated above, this photo was then presumably placed on the Facebook wall with the title “SAD CRIMINAL OF THE DAY”, followed by a post outlining the transpiring events, that conveniently ended with the disparaging note “Cried“.

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pascoLook closely at the wrist-wear of the police officers in this photo, and you’ll understand why the image is instantly Iconic.

That last part cemented the fact that this was not a case of anti-criminal or anti-recidivism propaganda, but of pure public humiliation with racist intentions. While not as bad as what could have hypothetically happened, this action by the Pasco Sheriff’s Office showcases yet another example of severe police misconduct that needs to be cracked down on by governing bodies at the local, state, and federal levels.

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To clarify, we are not condoning the crimes committed by offenders, nor are we condemning all police agencies. The vast majority of police officers in this country are no doubt honest working people that want to make the world a better place. But there is a reason why, so many years after the civil rights era we now have a whole new movement trying to show the basic fact that “Black Lives Matter” too. The increased rate of events like this one (or perhaps just our increased awareness of them) which show clear abuse of power by far too many who wear a badge indicates that this is not an isolated problem. And it needs to be stopped before more innocent people get hurt.

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