'Trump Nation Whites Only' - SICK Racist Vandalism Found At Hispanic Welcoming Church (VIDEO)

‘Trump Nation Whites Only’ – SICK Racist Vandalism Found At Hispanic Welcoming Church (VIDEO)

Trump-supporting vandals targeted a church in Silver Spring, Maryland Saturday night, writing racist propaganda in several places.

Church officials say the phrase “Trump Nation whites only” was written on a sign at the Episcopal Church of Our Savior. The sign advertises the church’s Hispanic service. A wall in the church’s memorial garden which serves as the church’s cemetery was also vandalized.

“I guess none of us realized where we were living,” says church member Margaret Gordon.

Church Rector Robert Harvey notes that about 80 percent of the church’s members are immigrants and there are people from more than 50 countries of origin in the congregation.

“They’re afraid,” he says. And this isn’t the first incident of racism in the community in the past week.

Harvey notes he confronted two white men on Thursday while they were harassing and yelling racist slurs at a Latina woman at a local Value Village store that’s across the street from the church.

“We believe we have work to do to help bring peace and reconciliation,” Harvey says.

“This is a different reality for us,” Gordon notes. “So maybe it’s a good place to start where we can pray for people like that.”

In a statement, Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, condemned the vandalism as hate speech and an act of violence.

“We stand here to say that we are firm in our rejection of such violence and that we are a nation of immigrants and of people of all cultures and faiths, and that there is no place for such violence in our land,” she said.

Budde said she believes most people in the U.S. want “peace and unity,” and she called on President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters “to separate themselves from acts of violence and hate that are being perpetrated in his name.”

“I also want to plead with our young people who are hurting now and all those who are hurting now If you protest, protest with confidence and love, but do not stoop to this kind of violence,” she said. “We are better than this as a country, and we will overcome hatred with love, with peace and with justice.”

This is the second act of vandalism that churches in Silver Spring have had to deal with. On Election Night, a “Black Lives Matter” sign at the Christ Congregational Church was vandalized, and religious leaders believe this is connected to the hugely divisive presidential race.

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In this instance, someone cut out the word “Black,” leaving the message “Lives Matter” on the sign.

“Our country’s harmful campaign stoked feelings of fear in many residents of silver Spring,” said senior pastor, Rev. Dr. Matthew Braddock, “and we feel that that fear is leading to messages of exclusion.”

“I know a lot of us are not feeling very safe this week,” Montgomery County Council member George Leventhal said. “I know a lot of us are trying to understand what happened on Tuesday.”

“I’m nervous that we are going to see more acts of violence like this because this is the sort of activity that’s been normalized by the President-elect’s behavior over the last year and a half and enabled by the media,” said council member Tom Hucker.

Some folks offered messages of hope and reconciliation. Rev. Jeffrey Thames noted he and others feel love for the vandal or vandals.

“We love you, too, so much that we are inviting you to come in and have a meeting with us, so that we can understand what it is that you’re feeling,” he said.

Anyone who feels threatened should call police, notes Jim Stowe, Director of the county’s Office of Human Rights.

“We are a nation of many believes, many thought processes … at the end of the day we’ve got to be one Montgomery County,” he said.

Earlier this month, racist Trump supporters torched an African-American church in Greenville, Mississippi. They also spray-painted “Vote Trump” on the side of Hopewell Missionary Baptist church.

How sad that America seems to be plunging back into the worst parts of the 1950s, when Jim Crow laws were commonplace and racist white people did everything they could to hold people of color down. How can some people be this cruel?

It just boggles my mind.

Image courtesy of Robert Harvey, Episcopal Church of Our Savior

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