Has Trump's friend and lawyer been Michael Cohen laundering money?

Is Trump’s Longtime Lawyer and Friend Michael Cohen Laundering Money?

What is Trump’s lawyer and former campaign advisory, Micheal Cohen, up to exactly?

Something funny seems to be going on with Trump’s business lawyer and former campaign supervisor, Michael Cohen. An odd trend of receiving huge returns on real estate has raised a few red flags, seemingly for good reason.

McClatchy has been doing some digging and is asking some important questions about the sale of four properties purchased and flipped by Micheal Cohen that just don’t seem to add up. How did this man end up making $20 million by selling properties to, well, “mysterious” buyers?

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One example of a particularly profitable venture was in New York’s lower east side. Cohen purchased the property – a small apartment – for $2 million. Three years later, in 2014, he apparently sold it for $10 million, in cash, to a “limited liability” company that allowed the buyer to remain anonymous. Suspiciously, the assessed value of the property hadn’t risen at all in that time. Odd, that. Who would purchase an apartment for $8 million above what the asking price should be? It’s safe to say something stinks. Is a bit of money laundering to blame?

Cohen and the lawyer that represents the limited liability company are being tight-lipped about the whole deal. But to say it looks bad is an understatement, and Jaimie Nawaday, a “former federal prosecutor and money laundering specialist” says it probably should be looked at very closely.

“An all cash purchase by an LLC of an overvalued property in Manhattan is usually worth a closer look by federal investigators. There are perfectly good reasons to buy and sell through LLCs, but the combination of facts is one that tends to arouse interest.”

Micheal Cohen, who has been a long time friend and business lawyer for Donald Trump, was called in this week to a Senate Committee to testify about Russian interference in the 2016 election, as ABC News reports. Cohen is known for his rather bombastic style and ripped into the congressional hearings on this matter, and as a result, the interview didn’t last too long. His attitude and style managed to anger members of the Committee – Republican Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr and Democrat Vice Chair Mark Warner.

“We were disappointed that Mr. Cohen decided to pre-empt today’s interview by releasing a public statement prior to his engagement with Committee staff, in spite of the Committee’s requests that he refrain from public comment. As a result, we declined to move forward with today’s interview and will reschedule Mr. Cohen’s appearance before the Committee in open session at a date in the near future. The Committee expects witnesses in this investigation to work in good faith with the Senate.”

Why is the committee so interested in Cohen? Well, they are curious about the role that Cohen played in trying to get a Trump Tower erected in Moscow. The alleged push to build the tower just happened to correspond with Trump’s 2015-2016 presidential campaign. Despite this, Trump has insisted that he has had no business dealings with Russia. Hmmmm, another mystery.

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Oh, and it would appear that Cohen and Trump share another interest: They have weird and questionable relationships with their daughters, as BBC reports.

Trump has often talked about Ivanka in rather creepy ways. Well, Cohen decided to post a pic of his daughter in lingerie to his twitter account saying, “So proud of my Ivy League daughter… brains and beauty channeling her Edie Sedgwick”. It didn’t go well and seemed to ignite a bit of a Twitter war between Cohen and people who pointed out how creepy it is to post a semi-nude pic of his own daughter.

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