WATCH: Madison WI Police Ruthlessly Knee, Punch, & Taser Black Teen Woman — Then Bag Her Head!

WATCH: Madison WI Police Ruthlessly Knee, Punch, & Taser Black Teen Woman — Then Bag Her Head!

Video Shows 18 Year Old Genele Laird Go From Calm To Beaten In Just A Few Minutes

Police in Madison, WI are under heavy scrutiny after a video showing the arrest of 18-year old Genele Laird emerged showing excessive force being used to subdue the teenager. The graphic video shows two much larger arresting officers forcing the young woman to the concrete while kneeing and punching her before repeatedly tasing her. The video ends with officers carrying her into the back of a police vehicle with a bag over her head.

According to the police report of the incident, Laird became upset when she believed her phone had been stolen and was “out of control and making threats”. She showed a Taco Bell employee a knife while making threats. The police report is rather misleading at one particular point when compared with the video. The report states:

Laird then made numerous threats to kill the security staff.  Security staff called 911.  When MPD arrived, the officers attempted to secure Laird, who actively resisted all of their attempts.

This would suggest Genele Laird was out of control at the time of police arrival. The video, however, clearly shows Laird calmly chatting with a friend at the beginning before the man taking the video begins walking away from Laird. He returns after one police officer approaches Laird and begins to make an arrest.

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One of the four charges brought against Laird is for spitting in an officer’s face. This occurred after she had been kneed and punched in the abdomen by one officer. You can clearly hear the officer say “she spat in my eye” just before using his taser on her multiple times. Laird is also being charged with disorderly conduct while armed, resisting police and battery to an officer. A knife was found in her purse which brought the “while armed” charge. The knife doesn’t appear to be seen in the video.

It is not clear whether Genele Laird has received any medical attention. U.S. Representative Chris Taylor, who attended a meeting with Police Chief Mike Koval and the family of Laird, stated:

The family also made a plea that she get medical attention if she has not seen a physician.

The two arresting officers were treated, according to the police report:

The two arresting officers were transported to the hospital, for their injuries, where they were treated and released. 

In other words, the story will be: a thin, 18-year old female was out of control when police arrived (she wasn’t), put two physically larger officers in the hospital (for scratches and spit, presumably), and deserved to be kneed, punched, tased and bagged for her violent outburst (the second police officer clearly struck the first blow).

The police chief has announced he will conduct an internal review of the incident. I think we know how this plays out from here…

Featured image screenshot from YouTube (Fair Use).


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