Watch Wheelchair Bound Protesters Forcibly Removed From Trumpcare Hearing, As GOP Senators Flee

Watch Wheelchair Bound Protesters Forcibly Removed From Trumpcare Hearing, As GOP Senators Flee

Police Remove Activists In Wheelchairs As Republican Senators Cowardly Duck Out Of Room

Considering how little Republicans have wanted to debate their very unpopular health care bill known as Graham-Cassidy, it may come as a surprise to many there was a committee hearing scheduled for today to discuss the measure. While this may have been lost in the shuffle of news recently, protesters did not let this go unnoticed.

Hundreds showed up and filled the halls outside the committee room long before the 2 p.m. EST hearing.

And the length of the line was staggering. Videos showed just how far it extended prior to the hearing.

As Senators showed up, they were greeted as expected by the activists. When one of the bill’s namesake, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, appeared, he was met with shouts of “Shame!” from people in the hallway.

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As noted by some reporters, Democrats wanted a larger room to allow more people in to see the hearing. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden noted this in his opening statement, as well.

As Finance Committee Chairman, Republican Orrin Hatch, began the hearing, protesters began chanting “No cuts to Medicaid! Save our liberty!”. Hatch then quickly recessed the hearing as activists were forcibly removed from the room.

Activists outside the room were also chanting “Health care is a human right! Not just for the rich and white!”.

While the protesters were being removed from the committee room, almost every Republican Senator on the committee left the room. Democrats waited and listened while police removed many in wheelchairs still chanting loudly.

One Republican Senator did wait around. The bill’s other namesake, Bill Cassidy, hung around but made sure to ignore the activists while sitting in the chair closest to them.

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A new CBS News poll found the bill to be favored by just 20 percent of the public. 52 percent oppose the bill, with a massive 38 percent strongly opposed to the plan.

It’s clear Republicans will continue to fight to get the Graham-Cassidy health care bill through, despite how awful and unpopular it obviously continues to be. And considering their reaction during the removal of activists in this hearing, it doesn’t seem the effect it will have on people will do anything to change many of their minds on this atrocious piece of legislation.

Featured image via screen grabs from Twitter videos (Fair Use). 

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