'White Privilege Club' Leader Plows Motorcycle Through Trump Protesters In Alt-Right Terror Attack

‘White Privilege Club’ Leader Plows Motorcycle Through Trump Protesters In Alt-Right Terror Attack

San Francisco police have arrested a man whom they allege drove his motorcycle at a group of demonstrators who were staging a “die in” in protest against the Trumpcare bill, SF Gate reports. Witnesses say he was apparently trying to hit them, and this can also be seen in photographs and videos.

Creepy motorcycle driver will do anything for his man Trump…even if it means running over protesters

The man is apparently the administrator of the “White Privilege Club” social media group, Raw Story reports. Meaning, he sounds like the type of right-wing jerk who would try to mow down a group of activists. It appears that Facebook has removed their page.

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Some protesters were lying down, blocking Seventh Street in the area near Mission Street for about seven minutes when the motorcyclist turned the wrong direction down a one-way street, driving directly towards them.

“He was revving and revving, he was gunning it, aiming at people who were laying down,” said Tracey Brieger, who witnessed the incident.

Protesters managed to roll out of the way, but the motorcyclist turned around and drove towards them again, this time from the opposite direction.

“If you want to go to the hospital, here you go,” he yelled, witnesses say. “You will have healthcare if you people stop protesting.”

Fortunately police arrived on the scene quickly, pointing their guns at him and ordering him to get off his bike. But while he was being detained, he still couldn’t resist mouthing off.

“You guys were blocking the intersection and now you’re not — see how that works?” he said, taunting the protesters.

While police didn’t identify the motorcyclist, records show that the bike used in the incident is registered to Jeffrey Dillon, a San Francisco resident, CBS SF Bay Area reports. 

For many of the protesters, the sight of a motorcycle bearing down on them was frightening.

“Everyone thought he was just confused, but he didn’t stop, and at some point it became clear he was going to come through the crowd and people jumped out of the way,” said Emily Lee, a spokeswoman for the organization Bay Resistance, which, along with Senior and Disability Action, organized the protest. 

“He was definitely targeting us,” she continued. “It was unclear if it was for political reasons or if he was just mentally unstable, or what, but it was terrifying.”

Or perhaps he’s just a jerk (i.e, alt-right). That could be possible, too.

As administrator for the “White Privilege Club” Facebook page, posts that were shared celebrated Donald Trump and mocked “social justice warriors.” So we know what page these people are really on, Facebook or not.

“This isn’t a racist site/group, it is the exact opposite,” Dillon wrote in one post. “It is a celebration of our culture and who we are.”

“I am proud of who I am and my people,” he said. “The media and these social justice warriors are going to try to shame us with the words ‘white privilege,’ well we will throw it right back at them and wear it as a badge of honor.”

Then he tried to prove he wasn’t a racist. And failed. Badly, or perhaps I should say “Bigly.”

“Yell ‘White Pride’ and people look at you like i’ve got a clan outfit on. I married a slant eye import, so you know i aint racist,” he wrote.

Apparently he wrote this without the assistance of a spell-checker. Also apparently, many racists are heavily into self-denial.

No one was injured in the incident, said police officer Robert Rueca. The suspect is still in custody, but charges haven’t been determined yet.

The “die-in” was meant to show what might happen if the Republican healthcare bill passes in the Senate. A report by the Congressional Budget Office determined that 23 million fewer people by 2026 under a similar law that was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in May. The event was part of a national day of action regarding the legislation.

And for those of us who are inclined to protest, here’s some more fun news, according to Raw Story: 

It seems that Republican legislators in a number of states, including North Carolina, North Dakota and Tennessee have drawn up legislation that will protect drivers from civil liability if they strike protesters with their vehicles.

They are just reminding us that America really isn’t a democracy. And that flying monkeys are running the asylum.

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Featured photo montage by Reverb Press, screenshots via Youtube.

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