BREAKING: FBI Director Comey Confirms Trump Campaign Connections to Russia Under Investigation

BREAKING: FBI Director Comey Confirms Trump Campaign Connections to Russia Under Investigation

Comey Confirms Investigation

FBI Director James Comey just confirmed that there is an open investigation into the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

This marks the first public admission that the agency is investigation those links, and whether or not any crimes were committed during the presidential election.

“That includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts,” Comey said, during his opening statement to the current hearing before the House Intelligence Committee.

However, Comey explained that due to the classified nature of the ongoing investigation, he would be unable to give all the details about the process or the progress, or whether anyone in particular was being focused upon during the investigation, CNN reports.

Representative Adam Schiff, top Democrat on the committee, has made his own concerns quite clear in a dramatic, 15-minute opening to the committee. That the releases of information hacked from the Democrats and released during the presidential campaign benefited Trump cannot be disputed, Schiff explained.

And we will never know whether or not that known Russian influence ended up determining the actual election, Schiff added.

Rep. Schiff Brings Sense of Drama to Testimony

But here is what is known, Schiff stated in a powerful, dramatic opening.

“We do know this: the months of July and August 2016 appear to have been pivotal. It was at this time that the Russians began using the information they had stolen to help Donald Trump and harm Hillary Clinton. And so the question is why? What was happening in July/August of last year? And were U.S. persons involved?”

Those seem to be the pressing questions at this hearing.

Schiff concluded:

“Now, is it possible that the removal of the Ukraine provision from the GOP platform was a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that Jeff Sessions failed to tell the Senate about his meetings with the Russian Ambassador, not only at the convention, but a more private meeting in his office and at a time when the U.S. election was under attack by the Russians? Is it a coincidence that Michael Flynn would lie about a conversation he had with the same Russian Ambassador Kislyak about the most pressing issue facing both countries at the time they spoke – the U.S. imposition of sanctions over Russian hacking of our election designed to help Donald Trump? Is it a coincidence that the Russian gas company Rosneft sold a 19 percent share after former British Intelligence Officer Steele was told by Russian sources that Carter Page was offered fees on a deal of just that size? Is it a coincidence that Steele’s Russian sources also affirmed that Russia had stolen documents hurtful to Secretary Clinton that it would utilize in exchange for pro-Russian policies that would later come to pass? Is it a coincidence that Roger Stone predicted that John Podesta would be the victim of a Russian hack and have his private emails published, and did so even before Mr. Podesta himself was fully aware that his private emails would be exposed?”

That we should get all the answers to all of those questions during today’s hearing is doubtful. But they are now questions which have been raised and asked, and now exist in our public discourse.

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And, like so much of what is happening with the Trump campaign and the Trump White House, the many questions can be boiled down to one, essential question:

What did the President know…and when did he know it?

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