Ex-Fox News Plagiarist Shamed Out Of White House Job Now Lobbies US For Pro-Putin Oligarch

Ex-Fox News Plagiarist Shamed Out Of White House Job Now Lobbies US For Pro-Putin Oligarch

The old adage that birds of a feather flock together seems to be a mantra that those involved in Donald Trump’s administration abide by very closely. The latest evidence of this appeared on Tuesday afternoon as news emerged that former Fox News contributor and long-time Trump ally Monica Crowley has landed a job as a lobbyist to the U.S for the Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk.

Pinchuk, who is a Ukrainian steel oligarch, donated $150,000 dollars to Donald Trump’s foundation in September 2015 in exchange for a speech that Trump gave via satellite to a conference in Kiev during the early days of his successful presidential campaign.

For her part, Ms. Crowley also has close ties to Trump and has been a long time supporter of the president. In addition, it is believed that Crowley was among the front-runners for the position of National Security Spokesperson in Trump’s administration before it was uncovered by CNN that she had plagiarized large sections of her 2012 book What The Bleep Just Happened?’ .

It is believed that the damning nature of this discovery was even too much for President Trump to ignore and the former-Fox News contributor subsequently withdrew her name from the application process. However, just over two months later and it has emerged that Crowley has landed on her feet with a position lobbying the U.S on behalf of the aforementioned Ukrainian oligarch Mr. Pinchuk.

Pinchuk, who has also donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation in recent years, has angered some in his native country in recent months with statements that appeared to be very pro-Moscow and Putin in nature. Writing in the Wall Street Journal in December, Pinchuk urged the Ukraine to see the new administration in Washington D.C. as

“an opportunity for Ukraine to contribute to the solution of Russia’s intervention,”

The opinion piece also encouraged the Ukraine to abandon plans to join the European Union and NATO. It is perhaps unsurprising that Donald Trump has also expressed criticisms of NATO and warmly welcomed the result of the Brexit referendum in the UK last June that saw the country vote to leave the European Union.

It remains unclear what Ms. Crowley’s exact role in Mr. Pinchuk’s foundation will entail but it is assumed that she will be working closely to facilitate relations between Pinchuk and government officials in the United States. Given her right-wing credentials and ties to Trump, is anyone really surprised that she landed this job?

Hat tip to Lachlan Markay and Andrew Kascinsky for their great journalistic work on this piece.

Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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