New Trump Rape Suit Revelation As Yet Another Child Victim Alleged

SICK NEW REVELATION In Trump Rape Suit As Yet Another Child Victim Alleged

Witness To Alleged Rape by Trump, Claims second Victim, 12 years old.

The civil suit in the alleged Trump child rape case is set for a preliminary conference on December 16th. The details of this case as people begin to FINALLY review the facts and pertinent court filings, are beginning to get some traction. With the election in less than a week, many people are in shock, that this suit is not being discussed more. The mere fact that someone who could possibly be elected president, and then might be subjected to a civil suit exposing details of CHILD RAPE, are indeed grim if not a potential national humiliation.  See the complete allegations HERE.

In recent months, two witnesses have come forward to corroborate the allegations made by the plaintiff, who is protecting her identity, and referred to as  Jane Doe. Likewise the two witnesses that have come forward have also remained anonymous due to concerns, on the parts of all of them, for their personal safety. The two witnesses in the sworn affidavits are known as Witness #1, Tiffany Doe, and #2 Joan Doe. Of particular interest, is the Declaration In Support Of Plaintiff’s Request For Protective Order of ‘Tiffany Doe’ in the amended complaint filed September 30,  lines 9, & 14

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What The Document Reveals

In addition to corroborating the charges of forcible rape of the alleged victim in this case, witness ‘Tiffany Doe’ claims there was a second victim present during one of the occasions she witnessed the plaintiff being abused by Trump. She claims that a 12 year old, named Maria, was forced to perform oral sex on Trump along with the plaintiff, and further alleges that when Trump was ‘done’ he proceeded to physically abuse them both.

Further in the witness’ declaration, she states she literally heard Trump threaten to make the plaintiff ‘disappear, like Maria.’  It’s not clear if Maria has come to harm or simply if no one knows of her whereabouts. Keep in mind that these are allegations, and it’s rather uncomfortable to read, as the things described in them are the forcible rape and physical abuse of children.  Another thing to also keep in mind, is that as this civil suit proceeds, these are the types of details that will emerge. In recent pieces by both The Daily Beast & NY Daily News , two men gave details of parties they attended hosted by Trump for his high roller type friends, where they alleged there were underage girls, cocaine, and lots of sexual activity.

There are other accounts, like the one in Mother Jones,  of Trump Modeling using models here illegally on travel visas, and their accounts of what is basically indentured servitude. Should Trump become president, this will be what the American people will be forced to endure. President or not, Trump is going to have some very serious questions to answer, and a very big microscope put on his life that IS going to reveal some very disturbing evidence.

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