REPORT: Trump Has Spent 20 Percent of His Presidency at Private Mar-a-Lago Resort

REPORT: Trump Has Spent 20 Percent of His Presidency at Private Mar-a-Lago Resort

The President’s Trips To His ‘Winter White House’ Extend Into Spring

Donald Trump has spent nearly 20 percent of his presidency away from the White House, seeking the familiar comforts of his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

Eighty-four days into his presidency, Donald Trump has spent a total of twenty-three days at his privately-owned Mar-a-Lago club. That’s roughly 20 percent of his presidency (19.32 percent to be precise). Whether or not this is a problem depends on who you ask. The seemingly contradictory narratives that Trump both never works and works too much while visiting his property are easily reconcilable when we examine eye-witness reports of the president’s behavior there.

While Trump spends a great deal of time golfing, he’s also famously brought his White House work with him—inviting foreign dignitaries to stay in her rooms and eat in her (risky) kitchen. In fact, he has provoked outrage for handling sensitive national security matters, such as the North Korean missile test, in the presence of the club’s dinner guests.

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“It’s a place where he feels comfortable and at home”, a senior White House official told Reuters, adding that it doesn’t have “the formality, really, of a Washington meet-up.” That lack of formality certainly concerned Xi Jinping, who feared the property lacks the historic symbolism of the White House.

The accumulative costs of hosting the president at Mar-a-Lago, which affects both Federal and Florida state budgets, has been a point of contention—with a staggering projected cost over the course of his presidency, if the visits continue.

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