Trump Silence Deafening As Deplorable Heckles Hamilton Cast 'You Lost, Get Over it, Fu*K You!"

Trump Silence Deafening As Deplorable Heckles Hamilton Cast ‘You Lost, Get Over it, Fu*K You!”

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Friday night Vice-President-elect Mike Pence attended a performance of the musical “Hamilton” where he was greeted with boos. A member of the cast read a statement asking him “to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.” That simple request was taken as an affront by Donald Trump who embarked on a Twitter tantrum. He accused the cast of harassing Pence and insulted them as “overrated.” You know, typical childish Trumpery. Furthermore, he demanded an apology for what he said was their rudeness.

Trump’s Twitter Tantrum

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The following night there was another incident at a Chicago performance of the musical. BroadwayWorld reports that:

“A Trump supporter interrupted the Saturday evening performance of Hamilton in Chicago. An audience member seated in the balcony allegedly shouted ‘We won! You Lost! Get over it! F*ck you!’ during the number ‘Dear Theodosia.'”

Well, isn’t that charming? A man reported to be drunk gets up in the middle of the play and starts yelling obscenities. His tirade began just after a song lyric that said “immigrants, we get the job done.” Note that everyone, other than Native Americans, were immigrants back then. The souse who interrupted the performance tangled with security before he was subdued and ejected from the theater.

Selective outrage

It’s interesting that Trump was so outraged over a rather tame request by the cast of Hamilton that he volleyed hostile tweets at them. Yet when one of his followers is unarguably rude and offensive, Trump goes into Twitter silence. It’s just another demonstration of his utter lack of presidential temperament. In Trumpland asking a public servant to uphold American values is “rude.” But yelling “F*ck you” in a packed theater, with children in attendance, is just peachy.

Anyone who had delusions that Trump would moderate his bombastic behavior once he was elected, will be sorely disappointed. He has spent the last seventy-plus years as a blustering bully and he isn’t about to change now. His craven character is going to cost the nation dearly as he antagonizes foes and alienates allies. And that’s when he isn’t violating conflict of interest laws, colluding with Russian dictators, or sexually assaulting women. It’s gonna be a long four years.

Featured Photo of Trump by Ethan Miller/Getty Images with Screengrab From Hamilton Video.

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