Trump Wants Taxpayers, Not Mexico, To Pay For His Border Wall TWICE

Trump Wants Taxpayers, Not Mexico, To Pay For His Border Wall TWICE

Trump Plans To Ask Congress To Pay For His Ridiculous Border Wall

It isn’t very often that politicians find ways to renege on campaign promises before even taking office, but that’s precisely what Donald Trump did on Friday, after revealing that American taxpayers — not Mexico — will pay for the construction of his outlandish border wall between the United States and our neighbors to the south.

Trump spent an entire campaign season repeatedly (and absurdly) insisting that Mexico would pay for his absurd border wall, and that taxpayers wouldn’t get stuck picking up the tab. But now, that plan has seemingly gone out the window: Trump now insists that taxpayers should pay for his wall now, and that Mexico will pay later after his administration renegotiates NAFTA and other trade deals, raising taxes on Mexican imports.

Translation? Trump will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. But by “hamburger,” I’m of course talking about a $25 billion wall.

Mexico is the United States’ third-biggest trade partner in the world. We import more than $316.4 billion worth of goods from Mexico every year, including vehicles, food, and other goods. At some point in the recent past, you’ve most likely purchased at least one product that was imported from Mexico, and chances are it was a lot more than just the one thing.

If Trump does manage to increase taxes on those imported goods, who is going to pay for it? The Mexican government won’t. The companies selling those goods definitely won’t be paying for it, either. Realistically, those companies will increase the costs of their goods substantially to make up the difference. So who will cover those costs in the end? American consumers, who will effectively be paying a super-secret “wall tax” without even knowing it.

Do You Really Want To Pay Twice For Trump’s Wall?

When we sum all of that up, we’re left with a fairly depressing result… Trump’s border wall will be paid for TWICE by the American public. At first using taxpayer funds, and then later, a second time, by American consumers, who will see a sudden increase in the costs of the products they’re buying that were imported from Mexico.

Do you really want to pay twice for Trump’s wall? Since a majority of Americans are opposed to building the wall in the first place, it’s safe to say that most of you don’t want to pay for it even once. And those Americans who do support Trump’s planned wall likely back it under the premise that Mexico would pay for it… not them. I guess they should’ve thought about Trump objectively for 38 seconds before casting a ballot for him? Sorry guys… there are no do-overs in the voting world.

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