Veterans Furious With Draft-Dodging Donald Trump After He Dons Navy Flight Jacket (TWEETS)

Veterans Furious With Draft-Dodging Donald Trump After He Dons Navy Flight Jacket (TWEETS)

Veterans Tear Into Trump

Veterans were not impressed when draft-dodging Donald Trump made an appearance while wearing a Navy flight jacket and admiral’s cap. The only thing missing was that purple heart Donald Trump took from another veteran, after saying he had “always wanted” one.

The military gear had been gifted to Trump by the crew of the aircraft carrier that will be called the USS Gerald Ford. The jacket was personalized with the words “POTUS 45” on the back, while the admiral’s cap was emblazoned with the upcoming name of the new carrier.

“They said, ‘Here Mr. President, take this home.’ I said, ‘Let me wear it,'” Trump said during his address. “And then they gave me the beautiful hat, and I said, ‘You know? Maybe I’ll do that.’ ”

And, of course, he couldn’t resist throwing in a mention of his own pathetic campaign gear, adding, “We have a great ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, but I said, ‘This is a special day, we’re wearing this.'”

What a perfectly Donald Trump move to make.

Trump Has A History With Veterans…And It Ain’t Good

But that particular move wasn’t quite as offensive as the act of wearing the gear. Though it had been a gift, many veterans took offense to Donald Trump wearing the gear of the military he actively worked to dodge in his youth, and today disparages as “never winning.” He also recently blamed the botched Yemen raid, and the resulting death of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, on the military, saying that the generals “lost Ryan.” And we can’t forget that time Donald Trump insulted Senator John McCain, dismissing the man’s very real heroism by saying, “I like guys who don’t get captured.”

And then there’s Trump’s long history of pretending to raise funds for veterans that actually never materialize in full.

Oh, and that feud he started with the Gold Star family, the Khans, belittling the mother of a slain soldier.

And then there was the time that Trump said he knows more than the generals. And that going to a posh, private military academy was pretty much just like serving. And…

Honestly, the list could go on and on.

Veterans Voice Their Disgust With Trump

No wonder veterans took to Twitter to eviscerate Donald Trump for having the nerve to wear something he never earned.

Others were quick to point out the incongruity, as well.

Donald Trump never served in the military. And yes, neither did Obama. The difference is, Obama didn’t dodge the draft. Nor did he spend his time on the campaign trail disparaging war heroes and Gold Star families. Nor did he ever raise massive funds for the military and then magically neglect to disburse them all. And former President Obama never once blamed the military for a decision he made.

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In other words, Donald Trump is the Hypocrite-in-Chief.

Image via Twitter

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