Watch Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Bravely Stand Up To Trump, Demand Intel For Electors

Watch Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Bravely Stand Up To Trump, Demand Intel For Electors

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Christine Pelosi, daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, is standing up and demanding that Electors be given intelligence in regards to the ties between President-Elect Trump and Russia.

“I am joining with members of the Electoral College to ask Director Clapper to give us a briefing on the newly discovered evidence that the American people first learned about last week, when we read in the paper that the Russians had hacked both Democrats and Republicans but only chose to do a daily drip, drip, drip of information against Democrats in order to try to swing the election to Trump. Our concern is that finding out this information after the election—it’s a very alarming charge, so we would like to see the evidence. We would also like Director Clapper to declassify as much of the information as possible, so that all of the American people can take a look and decide for ourselves. And to the extent that we have to protect our intelligence agents, assets, sources and methods, we would like him to lower the classification to where we, the electors, could get what they call a day pass, go to one of the secure classified information facilities—they refer to them as SCIFs—in our communities. They have them at military bases and FBI offices, where members of the military and members of Congress can go to receive classified briefings without having to go to Washington. We would like to go to the local secure areas in our communities and receive this information before we perform our constitutional duty on December 19th.”

Pelosi goes on to make a strong case as to why this information should be made available not just to the electors,  but to the American public, as well. During the election, even Trump brazenly acknowledged that Russia had its hand in our democracy. He stood on national television and made a request to that foreign power – that they divert some of their energies to hacking into Secretary Clinton’s computer.

There’s A First Time For Everything

Never before, in the history of the United States, has there been such a shadow of doubt cast upon the President-Elect. But this is exactly why the Electoral College was established in the first place – in order to prevent a charismatic strongman from rising into power and destroying our democracy.

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Watch the video below, and listen to Christine Pelosi make the case for electors to receive intel briefings, ahead of casting their votes.

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