These 10 Tweets Sum Up Everything Wrong With GOP Reactions To Trump Sexual Assault Victims

These 10 Tweets Sum Up Everything Wrong With GOP Reactions To Trump Sexual Assault Victims

The Ugliness Of Trump Voters To Sexual Assault Survivors

The GOP reaction to Trump’s victims of sexual assault is surprising in its depth of hypocrisy, even for them. After listening to GOP voters gasp and clutch their pearls over Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs, it’s mind-blowing to watch them dismiss those women who are now coming forward and saying that Donald Trump sexually assaulted them – after a video was released of Donald Trump openly admitting that his fame allows him to grab women by the genitalia at will.

What? You mean that their are women who are saying that Donald Trump did exactly what he said he did? IT MUST BE A GLOBAL CONSPIRACY AND THOSE WOMEN ARE ALL LYING.

Truly, it’s not just mind-blowing. It’s heartbreaking. It reinforces to those millions of women who are survivors of sexual assault that their voices don’t matter. That their stories don’t matter. That their truth doesn’t matter. That they are weak, and that their bodies, souls, lives…they don’t matter.

But there are plenty of people willing to take on the hypocrisy and ugliness of the GOP reactions to Trump’s sexual assault accusations – of which there are many, with probably more on the way, and more yet still who, because of the gross reaction to those who have come forward, may not feel safe enough to add their own voices.

In 140 Characters Or Less

Twitter has taken those hypocrites to task, and eviscerated each weak, disgusting “argument” in 140 characters or less.

Yeah. That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it.

Right? These women aren’t coming forward because they think this is somehow going to make their lives better. In fact, it seems as though it has probably made their lives worse.

But they are telling the truth, and that’s important.


That’s a hard one to answer, isn’t it, Trump voters?

Right. As in he said he liked to grab women by the pussy because he’s famous, and then acts completely shocked when women whose pussies he has grabbed come forward and confirm that fact.

Safety first, ladies.


Right? So inconsistent.

That seems a hard one for many to grasp, so it needed to be clarified.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a total mic drop.

Resources Available To Sexual Assault Survivors

And in light of the growing number of stories dealing with sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual abuse, here are some resources available to anyone who may be dealing with this serious matter.

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You can visit RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Online Hotline by clicking here, or the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s website by clicking here. We urge you to reach out and get the help you deserve.

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