12 Tweets from MLK Day in Trump's America that Will Inspire You -- And P*ss You Off!

12 Tweets from MLK Day in Trump’s America that Will Inspire You — And P*ss You Off!

Today is the day America honors the lifetime achievements of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King’s words, his dream for what America could one day become, still resonate even as the 50th anniversary of his assassination approaches later this year. Dr. King had a dream that, one day, skin color would not determine achievement in America. For a brief moment, with the election of Barack Obama as the first African-American President of the United States, it appeared as if Dr. King’s dream was close to being realized. Sadly, that was not the case, but the dream remains and we as Americans must remain committed to it.

Rare these days are the grand speeches on the National Mall which cemented Dr. King’s status a civil rights icon. These days, those glorious and uplifting speeches are often replaced with tweets. After all, only a few can speak like King, but everyone with a keyboard or a smartphone can tweet.

Here are the Top 10 tweets from my twitter feed which best summarize what Martin Luther King Day means today, in Donald Trump’s America.

12. The Donald

So, on his very first Martin Luther King day in office, the President of the United States debuted the latest in his string of third grade bully playground nicknames. And he did it to lash out at a sitting US Senator who dared to reveal trump’s disgustingly racist comments calling nations with mostly black and brown people “shithole countries”, while suggesting we need more people from mostly white countries, like Norway. Then he blamed Durbin for his own destruction of the DACA program that would protect children who grew up in America, if we didn’t have a white supremacist sympathizer for a President. On Martin Luther King Day, he did this.

11. The Thinker

Eureka! All around super smart scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson correctly described the big problem that gave us Trump’s America: people determined to be stupid. Willfully ignorant people who swallow every piece of red-meat bait the right wing throws them, hook, line, and sinker. And don’t seem to care that they keep being the ones who end up on the hook.

10. The Conundrum

Ms. Haynes is correct. King’s dream was that if not in his lifetime, perhaps in that of his children, the dream of a colorblind America could be achieved. I doubt he thought we would backslide after having achieved so much, or that a racist who normalizes white supremacists as “very fine people” would ever be in the Oval Office.

9. The Procrastinator

Maybe, just maybe, no day should be the day to call anyone a nigger?

8. The Shut Your Mouth

Mr. Boykin is too lenient. President Trump spent far longer than 5 1/2 years telling lies about President Obama. Also, the allegations of racism (or racial discrimination) against Trump or his organization date back almost to Dr. King’s time. Yes, current examples like the criticizing of the NFL protesters show Trump is unwilling to change, but let’s be clear: Trump staked out a position on the issue of race decades ago and has never wavered.

7. The Shade Thrower

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates throws some shade at President Trump, and likely at those supporting or enabling the wrong direction his administration is taking the country on civil and voting rights. Hopefully voters will not forget those Senators who attended the White House meeting where Trump uttered the “shithole” remark and were unable to remember it or chose “No comment” when asked afterwards.

6. The Dream Fulfilled

Former President Barack Obama reminds us all that we are never too young, that our contributions are never too small, that each of us contributes what they can to the change they want to see in the world. President Obama is as much an inspiration on this day as Dr. King, and perhaps the brightest example that content of character matters more than color of skin. We miss his presence in the White House every day.

5. The White Supremacist

Sadly, folks so proud of their whiteness (like Mr. Taylor) do not only think this way on special occasions or holidays.

4. The Deplorable

Not only does the author seem proud of his own societal position as “‘white trash” (much like do many Trump supported miss that “deplorable” is not a compliment) but conveniently ignores how many of the things in his rant stem directly from actions perpetrated upon African-American communities by white politicians enforcing institutional racism. Maybe we can start a Go Fund Me to buy him a history book?

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3. The Comparison

Maybe that is being unfair? Didn’t President Trump just claim today to be the least racist person in the world? After working so hard to achieve that, and after securing a massive tax cut for his wealthy friends, he deserves a day on the links.

2. The Hall of Famer

Los Angeles Lakers legend (and current Los Angeles Dodgers owner) Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, an eloquent man and a leader of men, perfectly captures past, present, and hopeful future.

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1. The Legacy

This is the most important post of the day. While the day is set aside to honor the legacy of Dr. King, we should never lose sight of his sacrifices, and how he dedicated his life to helping others. Each of us should ask ourselves, “What am I doing today to help others, to further Dr. King’s dream, to make the world a better place?”

There are approximately 330 million Twitter users, so I am sure there are some awesome tweets out there I missed. If you found a great one, include it in the comments, and they can be included in a future article.

Featured image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

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