18 States SUING Trump's Education Secretary DeVos

18 States SUING Trump’s Education Secretary DeVos Over Student Loan Ripoffs

Out of President Trump’s almost completely awful selection for his Cabinet, no other candidate received as much opposition as Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. There were plenty of good reasons for the hate against her: she is a billionaire, believes in creationism, and never attended public school amongst a plethora of other things.

While other choices like Rex Tillerson and Scott Pruitt were also horrible cronies completely unqualified for their roles, DeVos was targeted by many working-class families due to the fact that her decisions will affect their children most directly. The failures of Common Core and No Child Left Behind combined with ridiculously high tuition rates for college has left many people concerned about whether or not it is even worth investing the time, money, and energy necessary for their kids to get a proper education. Take into consideration the socioeconomic status of the people involved, and you can see why tens of thousands of concerned citizens phoned Democratic Senators to beg them not to support DeVos.

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Unfortunately, the Republican majority in the Senate combined with Vice President Mike Pence’s tie-breaking vote ensured that DeVos would make it past this obstacle. While that has not stopped American citizens from fighting back, it has given DeVos leeway to do whatever she wants. As the Chicago Tribune reported back in April of this year, the Trump Administration’s Department of Education has, among other things, “withdrawn key federal student loan servicing reforms, and signaled a less onerous regulatory environment for the essentially taxpayer-financed career education sector.” Now we are seeing the next phase of their attacks: getting rid of Obama-era regulation against for-profit colleges.

As readers may be aware, the White House affirmed in June that the government would be rewriting the Borrower Defense To Repaying, or the rules that oversee how to protect students who are scammed by diploma mills. While Obama worked to make sure that these students were forgiven, DeVos and Trump have other plans that will benefit these horrible institutions. The motivation behind this no doubt stems from Trump’s own fake university, which was the subject of numerous lawsuits that managed to get a settlement.

Luckily, states that will be significantly affected by this are not just standing by. 18, along with the District of Columbia, have joined together to launch a lawsuit against DeVos’s Department of Education for her hold on the aforementioned Obama Administration’s regulations. As Michael Stratford of Politico reports, the basis for the lawsuits rests on Administrative Procedure Act, a federal statute passed by President Truman in 1946 that prevents executive departments from implementing/changing regulations without oversight. As the Trump Administration is trying to do this under the radar, it makes perfect sense.

We wish these plaintiffs the best of luck and hope they manage to put a stop to this war on education.

Image a composite from Alex Wong/Getty Images and Scott Gries/Getty Images

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