Alex Jones Tweeted Something Unbelievably Horrifying and Evil After Valentine's School Shooting

Alex Jones Tweeted Something Unbelievably Horrifying and Evil After Valentine’s School Shooting

Here’s what Alex Jones had to say shortly after the Parkland Florida school shooting on Valentine’s day – and it takes the phrase “trigger warning” to a whole new, horrifically awful new low level…

Don’t bother to delete it, Alex… we have screenshots.

To be honest folks, I just can’t bring myself to write anything more about this. And I don’t think I have to. The evil of this is so obvious, nothing more needs to be said. In this case, a picture really does equal a thousand words.

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So instead, here are some videos exposing what an evil, psychotic nutcase this guy is. And before you watch them, ask yourself this… If (as the experts say every time we have one of these shootings) people who perpetrate these kinds of acts often gives signs of warning before they carry out an attack – how long before Alex Jones himself carries out an attack? Because he’s been giving warning signs for years:

Featured image screenshot via Youtube.

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