Anderson Cooper Chews Up Roy Moore's Spokeswoman in Interview

Anderson Cooper Chews Up, Spits Out Roy Moore’s Lackey Spokeswoman in Must-Watch Interview (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper used facts to humiliate Roy Moore’s spokeswoman

Conservative voters in Alabama have a seemingly tough choice on their hands: either vote for a Democrat in the special election and betray their political values, or vote for alleged pedophile Roy Moore and betray their moral values. With Doug Jones in office, Senate Republicans will have a much harder time getting their awful agenda passed, but there is no denying the fact that their voter base across the country actively supports these measures.

During an interview on “CNN,” ardent Moore supporter and spokeswoman Janet Porter attempted to persuade Anderson Cooper by presenting pseudo-facts from the Republican bubble she evidently lives in. Cooper began the questioning by asking her about the judiciary opinion that was used to justify Moore’s termination from the Alabama Supreme Court: an aspect that, unlike the accusations, is not up for debate in any shape or form. Utilizing typical Republican tactics like deflection, though, Porter responded by disturbingly pointing out how voters want a theocratic state and that Moore would help create that, before going on a rant against the judges, calling them “activists” and that rulings are not “entirely accurate.”

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When the discussion shifted to the sexual assault allegations, Porter shifted her tactics to include actual Fox News conspiracy theories, beginning with her calling the accusations the product of a plot between leftists and establishment Republicans, including typical GOP punching bag George Soros, to bring down an honest man. When Cooper pressed her on the ludicrous assertion, she went on to include The Washington Post in her paranoid tirade, which was the news outlet that broke the initial story:

“When you have false allegations that are generated by ‘The Washington Post’ there tends to be a pile on. That’s how a lynch mob works.”

Finally, the interview moved onto public policy statements put out by Moore, including that homosexuality and bestiality are the same, or that Muslims should not serve in office. Porter’s response? She was not at liberty to answer.

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If the majority of Alabama voters are like Porter, then we can only hope that a miracle happens and Doug Jones somehow wins over the constituency. At this point in time, it seems that Republicans are so desperate to get their agenda passed, they will support accused child molesters.

Check out the video below:

Image a screen capture from CNN’s YouTube Channel

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