Bernie Sanders Obliterates Trump EPA Pick On Climate Change, Earthquakes (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders Obliterates Trump EPA Pick On Climate Change, Earthquakes (VIDEO)

Scott Pruitt Gets Grilled By Bernie Sanders On Human Impact On Climate Change And Fracking Earthquakes

There is no question some of the picks Donald Trump made for his cabinet have been getting hammered in their hearings by Democrats and some Republicans. Another case of this occurred in the confirmation hearing for Scott Pruitt, the choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as Senator Bernie Sanders pounded the nominee on climate change and increased earthquakes as a result of fracking.

The exchange began with Sanders apologizing for being late and taking a shot at multiple hearings being scheduled simultaneously. Then some brief harmony took place as Pruitt agreed with Sanders that climate change is not a hoax. From there, it got ugly.

When asking Pruitt whether he believed mankind was responsible for climate change, Pruitt answered:

The climate is changing and human activity contributes to that in some manner.

Sanders immediately shot back:

In some manner!?…97 percent of the scientists who wrote articles in peer reviewed journals believe that human activity is the fundamental reason we are seeing climate change. You disagree with that?

Pruitt then dodged by saying there was still “more debate” needed to be certain about the human impact on climate change.

After more of the same, Sanders then asked what Pruitt’s personal opinion is as to the effect of CO2 on climate change. The answer left Sanders incredulous:

Pruitt: My personal opinion is immaterial.

Sanders: Really!?…You are going to be the head of the agency to protect the environment and your personal feelings about whether climate change is caused by human activity and carbon emissions is immaterial?…The scientific community doesn’t tell us it “impacts”. They say it is the CAUSE of climate change.

Pruitt then dodged a question about whether we need to change our energy sector away from fossil fuels.

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Sanders then asked about the record increase in earthquakes due to fracking in the state of Oklahoma where Pruitt served as Attorney General. Sanders pointed out Pruitt had done little to battle the rise in these earthquakes and then ended noting he will not support the nomination:

If that’s the kind of administrator for the EPA – your state’s having record-breaking number of earthquakes, you acknowledge you “are concerned” – if that’s the kind of EPA administrator you will be, you’re not gonna get my vote.

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