Here Are The Most Awesome (and Awful) Signs Seen at the Women's March, 2018

Here Are The Most Awesome (and Awful) Signs Seen at the Women’s March, 2018

This year’s women’s march, on the one year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, comes amid a government shutdown that happened because the “Art of the Deal” President couldn’t make a deal he’s had a whole year (full of golf) to make.

And putting the exclamation mark on that sad statement of the times we live in is the fact that today Americans are marching in the streets in numbers that break the record set just a year ago. The Women’s March 2018 is worldwide, and it’s not just about women – it’s also a global anti Trump protest. Nothing could be a clearer sign of a failed Presidency than the people in full revolt, not just in the country, but around the planet – and the government itself shut down.

But hey, speaking of signs, here are some of the best (and one of the worst) signs on the streets today. Enjoy!

And, here’s the most awful one (trigger warning: deplorable sexist dumbassery). No, we won’t subject you to that one here. You’ll have to click through – if you’re a glutton for punishment.

Featured image via Twitter.

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