BOMBSHELL REPORT: Foreign Spies Briefing Trump - As American Agents Left Out In The Cold

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Foreign Spies Briefing Trump – As American Agents Left Out In The Cold

Donald Trump Rejects US Intelligence In Favor Of Foreign

President-Elect Donald Trump has no interest in receiving the important, daily intelligence briefings necessary for a smooth transition of power between presidencies. He is, after all, “like, a smart person.” Furthermore, Trump openly distrusts the 17 non-partisan intelligence agencies. Instead, he prefers to take the side of Vladimir Putin.

Doing so is an insult to the country he purports to lead. It’s also a direct insult to the men and women who provide the intelligence that keep us safe. These are American agents, patriots who gather intelligence out in the cold, risking their lives – sometimes even the lives of their loved ones – only to have what they’ve learned ignored by President Elect Trump.

But a new report shows that, even as Trump willingly and defiantly leaves U.S. intelligence agencies out in the cold, he is open to receiving security  briefings. In fact, he has done so. But there is one key distinction to  be made.

These briefings are not from American sources. Instead, Trump is relying on foreign intelligence.

Times of Israel reports:

“The head of Israel’s Mossad national intelligence agency made a secret visit to the United States to meet with members of President-elect Donald Trump staff and give a security briefing.

“Mossad Director Yossi Cohen briefed the Trump staff members on the Iranian nuclear deal, the Syrian civil war, terror threats and the Palestinian issue, Ynet reported Saturday. The report did not say when the briefings took place.”


Israeli-Palestine Relations Discussed

According to Yneta top, authoritative source of daily news in Israel, the top secret meetings between Trump and Mossad national intelligence agency was organized by Prime  Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The meeting was led by Israeli Yaakov Nagel, who heads the National Security Council. And, reportedly, Ron Dermer, Israeli ambassador to the United States, also attended the meetings.

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In addition to discussing the Iranian nuclear deal, which Netanyahu has been a vocal opponent of, the Israeli officials also “discussed with Trump officials a proposed regional conference to jumpstart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to be held in Egypt and an anti-settlement United Nations resolution by the Palestinians and backed by New Zealand,” the Times of Israel reports.

So, even as President Elect Trump carries on misguided foreign policy with China in 140 characters or less, and ignores the necessary daily briefings every president has taken advantage of since they were first instituted, he is taking secret meetings to receive intelligence information. But he is doing so with a foreign agency.

And that’s simply not a normal way to lead our nation.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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