BOMBSHELL: Facebook Fake News "Fact-Checker" is Dubious, Highly Biased Conservative Site

BOMBSHELL: Facebook Fake News “Fact-Checker” is Dubious, Highly Biased Conservative Site

In the era of fake news, the worlds largest social media platform, Facebook, has a responsibility to ensure that the content that gets presented as fact on the site has some actual legitimacy. And now, in a disturbing new report, it seems they have a huge fact-checker problem.

Facebook Partners With Conservative Outlet as Fact-Checker

In a move that seems to be an attempt to appease prominent conservatives, which recently demanded and received a face-to face meeting with founder Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has recently partnered with The Weekly Standard — a right-wing publication that has a long history of misinformation — as a fact-checker for content that gets shared on the platform. But as reported by the progressive media watchdog group Media Matters, which is dedicated to exposing conservative misinformation, only 24 of the 43 pieces published on The Weekly Standard’s website categorized as “fact checks,” are actually that. The rest are anything but: 14 of them are attacks on fact-checking institutions that they perceived to have a liberal bias. 17 of them are essentially opinion pieces that reach conservative conclusions, defend Republican politicians, or attack Democratic politicians. One piece even fact-checks a post from a clearly-labeled satirical website.

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If Facebook is serious about fixing this massive problem, they must immediately stop partnering with partisan publications for fact-checking. If not, then they are actually adding fuel to the fire and further blurring the lines between fact and fiction, and actively contributing to damaging the reputations of otherwise credible  publications, regardless of whether they lean left or right. In an era where President Trump is attacking any and all media outlets that are critical of his fact-challenged administration, this is a direct attack on our First Amendment — arguably the very foundation of our entire democracy. Like it or not, Facebook has a responsibility to take it seriously.

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Rio Tazewell is a Washington, DC based coalition organizer/campaign manager at a progressive advocacy organization, where he works to confront corruption in its many forms, particularly the influence of money in politics. Previously he has helped launch startups focused on civic engagement, sustainability and grassroots advocacy. He also enjoys writing and recording political hip hop. All views are his own.