Breaking: FBI Deputy Director Persecuted by Trump Steps Aside

Breaking: FBI Deputy Director Persecuted by Trump Steps Aside

The Feud between Trump and the FBI Deputy Director comes to a shocking end

Andrew McCabe, the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has officially chosen to step down from his position, and will fully retire in March. While an exact reason has not been specified, it seems highly likely that it originates from the constant efforts by the White House, Attorney General, Republican politicians, and right wing media to politicize McCabe’s role in the FBI: this being done in an apparent attempt to undermine the Trump-Russia investigations.

There has been a lot of reported tension between the Deputy Director and President. McCabe, for example, had an interaction with Trump where the President not only asked him who he voted for in the 2016 general election, but also expressed anger over learning that McCabe’s wife had received donations from groups affiliated with Hillary Clinton during a Virginia state-senate election. McCabe later described the meeting as “disturbing.”

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It was also recently revealed that, in addition to attempting to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump had launched a secret smear campaign in June 2017 to discredit three senior FBI officials who he and his cohorts theorized would give damaging testimonies to Mueller in the event that they were called to speak with him. One of these three men was McCabe.

It is therefore no wonder that the man has chosen to preserve his dignity and exit the White House of his own accord. This personal antagonism combined with the President’s ridiculous war on the FBI must create a tense working atmosphere, especially for people at the upper levels of the bureaucracy.

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McCabe’s resignation removes a talking point from the right’s crusade to cover for Trump, and undermines Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigations into Russiagate by robbing him of a potential insider ally. Then again, obstruction of justice seems to be a trend with this White House.

McCabe had temporarily served as the acting Director of the FBI in the intervening days between James Comey’s firing and Christopher Wray’s hiring. Senior FBI agent David Bowditch is expected to take over.

Check out the video below detailing this story:

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