Mueller Demands WH Docs on Trump's Behavior as President and Russia

BREAKING: Mueller Demands WH Docs on Trump’s Behavior as President, Including Russian Meeting

Mueller is going in for the kill

The Trump Administration is potentially in its final stretch. Though some have said that Trump will make it through his first term, many others are hopeful that he will be impeached before that, and their hope rests on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s case.

As many of our readers are more than aware by now, Mueller was chosen to look into potential collaborations between the Trump Campaign and Russian officials (i.e. “Russiagate”) due to several reasons: he was respected by both political parties, is a war hero, and served as the former director of the FBI. All of these lead to him being the perfect person to conduct this investigation.

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As we reported last Tuesday, a news bulletin from Axios revealed that Mueller was getting close to putting an end to his probe. This came after the independent investigator officially started digging directly into the White House, with a renewed focus on Manafort. Now comes another aspect of the inevitable coup de grâce: his request for documents related to Trump’s actions as President. Specifically, anything related to Michael Flynn, James Comey, and the meeting in the Oval Office with Russian officials.

All of these are integral because they all revolve around a potential loyalty to Russia. Flynn had associations with a Russian ambassador and even received money from RT; Comey was fired because he started to look into the Russia hacking scandal, and the White House meeting speaks for itself.

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Mueller, with significant help from his professional team of lawyers, has made a lot of progress over the past few months. From looking into Trump’s businesses to subpoenaing members of the campaign to even ordering a raid on Paul Manafort’s house. This is a man who is committed to finding the truth, and has proven to be undeterred even by the President himself. For example, when Trump pardoned racist sheriff Joe Arpaio, it was clearly a political move meant to show the people under Mueller’s investigation that Trump would forgive any crimes they got charged with. Mueller’s response, in turn, was genius: to charge Trump’s subordinates with state crimes so that the presidential pardon could not save them. This resulted in the special counsel teaming up with a New York lawyer to act quickly.

The direct intrusion into Trump’s White House came from two anonymous sources, a sign that leaks are still prevalent in the Trump Administration despite his pathetic attempts at preventing them. Regardless, we will continue to pay attention to whether or not the President puts up resistance to this request of information from Mueller as that, in and of itself, could determine whether or not he is truly guilty of a great crime.

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